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Chaos United25 (PC)


Recommended Posts

Chaos United25


Created: May 26th 2022

Leader: BlastLord

Commissioners: Sargus25, Reloadjr, Trancers, Janic, Sanders

Lieutenanats: Kevin


Social Club Link:



Discord Link: https://discord.gg/PSXsrjGS


Well Chaos United25 are indeed recruiting those who want's to do CEO jobs, MC jobs and help out on just about anything. We do have rules and policies we work together as a family and friends we don't toliate griefers and drama makers. We also have discord for those who have a mic or a headset. Our goal is to reach to the top crew ranks but it will take time for us to grow with alot of hard work and progress we will get there. Message us on our social club link above if you would like to join Toxic Battery Acids on the PC verson of GTA Online. The New DLC Is out now which we will be focusing on the new features the DLC has given us so we will really be racking up on money and rp and have to make sure Chaos United25 is set as your active crew.


Our Crew also have discord for those who have a mic or a headset. Message me if you like to join our Crew's Discord.


What we Do for the Crew?

We run missions to starter members who are new to Grand Theft Auto Online

We run and lead all Heists on GTA Online to help those who needs money.

We setup races, PvP and adversary modes for crew members to do.

We setup events for crew members like car meets and such.

We sometimes to livestreams on our crew's discord server as well.

We setup teams to grind money and exp for everyone who wishes to join

We setup sessions to keep people safe from unwanted people.


Crew Rules:

Do not grief fellow crew members

We don't tolate any racists taunts and suchs which results in a ban on our crew

No Drama on the crew

Do not threat or death threat other crew members

Please Respect each other if you can't respect people you don't belong here 

Do not harrass or sexural harrass crew members which will be removed from the crew

Do not be inapropriate towards your crew members treat them equal.

If your a modder do not use it to grief and cause problems with random players and crew members and do not attack first unless you or other crew members are attacked first by griefers or tryhards and those who use mods to cause problems with us.

Do not disrespect or use fellow crew members to take advantage over them.

Edited by BlastLord25
Working on keeping my crew up and going
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  • 2 years later...

Our Crew Chaos United25 is back up and running to do constant grinding and making sure no one griefs your sells or stealing missions.

Edited by BlastLord25
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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

Please can you limit your bumps to once per week, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.




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  • 1 year later...

Chaos United25 will be running Auto-Shop heists if anyone is interisted just let us know.

Edited by BlastLord25
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  • 3 months later...

Chaos United25 is getting ready for the next DLC on december 15th we are grinding like crazy for those who are interisted in joining our crew. Send tell to BlastLord25 or Sargus25 on social club.

Edited by BlastLord25
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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 4 months later...

We are once again recruiting for new members for those who want to grind money and exp also we run adversary modes if interisted?

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  • 4 weeks later...

If anyone is interested in grinding Casino Heists or Cayo Perico for rp and money let me know I will be on Sargus25

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  • 1 month later...

Since the DLC came out on the 15th we will can definaly help you out on business sells and such on invite only sessions for those who can't do them alone or having problems with griefers on public sessions. We will make sure your business sells are done and we will make sure you will be happy for our help it's what we do as a crew.

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  • 4 months later...

As you know one of our commissioners ruined my old crew so I made a new crew Chaos United25 he is no longer with us and sorry for what happened we are starting from scratch.

Edited by BlastLord25
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