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Design your main 3 protagonists for GTA6


Recommended Posts

1. 31yo Crackhead white mom with a black bf and a teenage son. First seen robbing 7/11 with her bf

2. 45yo bald white male in prison. First seen trying to survive in prison and planning his escape.

3. 35year old dirty black cop. Shaking down dope dealers. First seen busting heads on a domestic violence call.


what about you guys?

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I would have one or two protagonists at most (unless the story would be much longer than in GTA 5,at least a 100 missions).

For a 1970s Las Venturas setting:

-a mobster in his 30s from Las Venturas who operates the casino and competes with rival mobs

-an outlaw biker in his late 30s/early 40s from Bone County/Tierra Robada/whatever the desert area around the city would be named in HD universe whose motorcycle club competes with rival clubs from other towns and various redneck gangs

The two protagonists wouldn't interact much,maybe the biker and his club would work as a hired muscle for the mob in a few missions (similar to how Niko teamed up with Johnny a few times in GTA 4),but usually the mob would operate in the city and bikers in towns around it.


For a 1980s Vice City setting:

-a Cuban gangbanger in his late 20s whose gang is connected with a local drug lord and he starts working for him as a henchman at the middle of the story


For a San Fierro setting:

-a triad member

-a yakuza member

The protagonist's gangs would be rivals,and the two wouldn't cooperate,maybe in a few missions they would fight,but neither would be killed.

Edited by GTA-Biker
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An ex-military who had tried to escape his criminal past by joining the army, he comes back from war and sees what his neighbourhood has become and therefore questions the loyalty to his country, so that he doesn't mind to commit crimes again

A die-hard redneck, a moonshiner and meth cook

A woman, either a stripper or table-dancer, table dancing might become a mini-game for the woman character

Edited by Aquamaniac
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What if we only get 1 or 2 official protagonists and the other 1 or 2 are dlc protagonists?

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An Amnesia Protagonist. Similar to Jason Bourne in Bourne movies. He'd try to remember his past during his missions. Might or might not be a IAA agent. My Gunman protagonist.


A Street-Racer Protagonist. We already have a Biker protagonist, so why not having a Car enthusiasm as a protagonist? I'm a big fan of Fast And Furious movie after all, lol.


A Protagonist who works for The Professionals. Just because I'm curious who The Professionals are and why did they form this Syndicate group. The protagonist story himself could be interesting WHY he decided to join The Professionals. I dislike GTA Online, but I'm curious with this Syndicate Group. He could be my Pilot Protagonist.


I don't want them to be like V Trio. I'd prefer if they follow similar format like IV Trio. Any city might do. Hmm, maybe St. Louis?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Aaron Wise" Richards: Former" street hustler turned rapper, turned music mogul, turned entrepreneur. You start as a street hustler with a loyal crew, leaving the streets behind for music. But as you do, you realize that it is not so easy to do so, as you find out that the music industry is just as crooked and shady as the streets. As you progress, different career and business endeavors open up. For better or worse.


Age 26-30

Race: Black

Character inspiration: James Ghost" St. Patrick, Jay Jeezy" Jenkins, Curtis 50 Cent" Jackson



Ryan Beckford: Former security specialist turned fixer for the stars. Whether a celebrity needs help bribing someone,help cleaning up a messy situation,or just teaching someone a lesson, Ryan and his crew is on it.


Age: 32-36

Race: White

Character inspiration: Ray Donovan




Sabrina Felix: A party promoting socialite with dreams of doing bigger and better things. The daughter of a wealthy business man and his mistress, her father prefers that she stays out of the spotlight to protect his family image.



Race: Mixed(Father is White and mother is Black/Puerto Rican.)

Character inspiration: Fiona Gallagher



The protagonists become acquainted with each other when a party promoted by Sabrina and attended by Aaron turns sour and Aaron gives Ryan a call for help. Aaron and Ryan meet earlier in the story when Ryan provides security for one of Aaron's new artists, whom he stole from a rival record label.


Setting: Multiple cities.


Timeframe: Modern

Edited by kingcs
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1. A British hitman that had to escape England to Vice City because of assassinating a leader of the Mafia. the name would be Brendan Hainsworth

2. A Dominican gangbanger who trying to rise up the ranks of being successful. His name would be Bryan Cruz

3. A female boxer who got tangled up into the crime world. Her name would be Sofia Gatta

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1. A rookie cop that keeps going up the ladder LA Noire style, depending on your actions you could become a corrupt Tempeny style cop who orders people around.


2. A hooker who by being in the wrong place at the right time becomes hunted by the mob or the cartel. You spend the story trying to survive and maybe even have revenge on those that wronged you and getting rich.


3. An ex-Yakuza member who gets caught by the police and escapes from the prison after being set on death row for killing a dozen of other yakuza members, that killed your wife and sold off your baby daughter to some rich family. The main plot of this character would be to try finding your daughter after the 20+ years you spent in prison.


All the stories are self-contained and only crosses a couple of times.

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Vice City 2020.

1, A young Haitian guy, trying to support his family in Haiti by pushing drugs and mugging people, by accident joins forces with Tony Prince and becomes one of his bodyguards, including Luis Lopez.


2. A middle aged mobster, who is in jeopardy for a RICO case defends his criminal enterprise by at the same time expanding his family and getting rid of pests. Political influence is as important as having street credibility.

3. A divorced woman in her 30's with two children, who got the house and the car as a settlement from his abusive husband doesn't want to lose them after losing a job as a secretary. She is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her family together, even if it means doing something illegal.

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Starts w/ a San Fierro prologue, Vice City introduction & Las Venturas climax.

  1. Ambitious Crime Princess - Wants a serious relationship - Friends w/ Karen Daniels - Rivals w/ organized crime, Vice Squad & Merryweather - Drives a Sultan RS - RDR's Special - Likes the nightlife, skateboarding & roleplaying
  2. African Hooligan from London - Wants to surpass every gta protagonists ever - Friends w/ the Uptown Riders - Rivals w/ organized crime, Vice Squad & Merryweather - Drives a Contender (SUT) & Bati Drag - Max Payne's Special - Likes doing heists, parkour & illegal business
  3. Angels of Death Hellraiser - Wants a San Fierro Brotherhood DLC - Friends w/ the Traids - Rivals w/ organized crime & the law - Drives a Angels Chopper - Trevor's Special - Likes drug trafficking, destruction & gun trafficking
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Official General

1. Roberto Martinez, a Hispanic-American guy in his late 20s, from East Holland, Liberty City. Former drug-dealer trying to straight, heads south to Vice City for a new life and to visit his Cuban relatives (he his half Puerto Rican and half Cuban), but gets caught up in the drug game again and more, with explosive and dramatic consequences.


2. Kenny Lee, a Chinese-American guy in his mid-20s, from Chinatown, San Fierro. Becomes embroiled in a vicious gang war between rival Triad gangs and is forced to leave town for a while, heads on a journey that takes him to Los Santos and Las Venturas.


3. Frankie Camonti, an Italian-American in his early 30s from Carcer City and a member of the Carcer City Mafia. Wants to break away and form his own criminal empire out west in Las Venturas.

Edited by Official General
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1. Undercover/Corrupt cop. Mid 40's like Michael de Santa

2. Cool Female character. Late 20's

3. Heist expert. Mid 30's

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I actually have been thinking about this for a while. I only got 2 characters, but I think I can come up with an effective third if I got time.


For the record, this takes place in a Caribbean setting, with Vice City and Nassau being the two major cities. Many islands from the Bahamas are featured, and Vice City extends down, island hopping all the way to Key West. A large ocean separates Vice City from Nassau and is dotted with the Bahamas islands.




​This character is a 23 year old American from Vice City who politically identifies himself as an Anarcho-Syndicalist, hence many of his missions are to do with Anarchism and blowing sh*t up. He works with the Anarchist Group MAU (Movimiento armado de la Unión - Armed Union Movement). Being a pyromaniac and gun enthusiast, he creates weapons and explosives which he uses in his revolutionary activities. He also sells these weapons to the AAC​, represented by THE ARMS TRADER, and that's how they come to know each other. He begins working with THE ARMS TRADER when pirates in the Bahamas overthrow the arms trade, demolishing the established enterprise. He comes to know THE HAITIAN when the Haitian Gangs in Nassau expand their business to the Caribbean drug trade, and begins working with him in order to mount the rebuilding of the AAC​ and hence rebuild the MAU'S ​internal economy and keep the revolution going.


The MAU ​is commonly referred to by characters as the ​MOUSE​.



This character is a 26 year old Nigerian who, along with the rest of the AAC (African Arms Corp) ​controls the majority of the arms trade in the Caribbean. He is generally enthusiastic of the weapons that are exclusively built in Vice City by the MAU ​(or more specifically by THE ANARCHIST​). He ends up selling these weapons in Nassau to THE HAITIAN​. When pirates overthrow the AAC, ​he teams up with ​THE ANARCHIST ​out of mutual need to keep the AAC and MOUSE running. ​THE HAITIAN ​contacts him with a business proposal to merge the drug trade and arms trade and make a more profitable business, which ends up having them work together with THE ANARCHIST​.



This character is a 24 year old Haitian (obviously) who is a running veterans in the ranks of the one of the largest Haitian gangs in the Bahamas. Based in Nassau, he buys weapons from THE ARMS TRADER​ and the AAC​, which he then uses to give his gang an extra edge in the fight for control of Nassau. After ​THE ANARCHIST ​is stranded in Nassau, he is helped by him in establishing the Haitian drug trade which THE ANARCHIST and THE ARMS TRADER ​use to declare war on the Bahamas Pirates.




​So those are my 3 characters. I might actually make a whole concept topic about it - make a map and everything.

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A foreign diplomat, aged 37, from North Africa is sent to the US to promote diplomatic relations but upon arrival to the US he finds himself falsely accused of funding and promoting terrorism.


34 year old trained assassin currently working undercover as a prison guard in one of the US's toughest private prisons. Has connections to a secretive new-world order group known as PARCEL.

25 year old schizophrenic mental patient with a background in medical science, bio technology, and bio chemistry. Has extensive knowledge on US weapons of mass destruction.

Edited by Yinepi
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Bratva Assassin

Thanks for the thread! This one is pretty fun! :)

1. Emily Balicova

Date of birth-either 1982, 1983, or 1984

Nationality-American, Italian, Russian, Cuban


Hair-Dark Brown

Eyes-Dark Brown

Other Notes: She's from Liberty City and is of mixed Italian, Russian, and Cuban descent. Emily also has ties to Cuban cartels as well as Italian and Russian mafias. Emily is also a really tough woman and even has powers to hypnotize cops and feds through her eyes.


2. Benjamin "Benny" McPherson

Date of birth-January 11, 2000





Other Notes: He's a young Irish mobster who has awesome gun and fighting skills!


3. Richard "Ricky" Cousteau

Date of birth-sometime in 1994



Hair-Dark Brown


Other Notes: He's in the French mafia. He finds and teams up with Benny and Emily.

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Shyabang Shyabang

1. Eliza Delaney

-Gender: female

-Age: 19

-Hair: ginger

-Eyes: blue

-Background: Her dad raised her up into a hunter and a firearms enthusiast. However, her father is very authoritative and overprotective. She moves to the city to seek freedom and independence. She starts working as a waitress at an unsafe neighborhood, but she gets tired of a few creepy customers. Although she gets hired by a modeling agency, she is desperate for quick money to pay her rent, which she's late on. Through a junkie friend, she becomes acquainted with a drug dealer, although she doesn't take drugs. She agrees to send drugs to the customers for money. Her first few deliveries go well. In her next delivery service, a group of customers turn out to be untrustworthy thieves. They try to abduct her and steal the drugs. The drug dealer becomes impressed when he learns that Eliza managed to escape. He offers her a more dangerous job for a larger amount of money. After some hesitation, Eliza takes the job. It goes well. She gets paid enough money to pay for her rent. She becomes addicted to the drug business. On her errand to receive drugs from a friendly Italian mafia, they get ambushed by a rival mafia. She gets a hold of a gun that a fallen friendly mafia guy dropped. After shooting down the attackers and seeing a van speed away, Eliza realizes that she is at a point of no return. The rival mafia would seek revenge on her. The friendly mafia hires her to become an assassin, for which she'd get a lot of money.


2. Richard Koh

-Gender: male

-Age: 28

-Hair: black

-Eyes: brown

-Background: He is the son of a triad boss. Bo-Kau realizes that his father had been cheating on Bo-Kau's mother for a long time. And Bo-Kau's father and his girlfriend already have a child. Worst of all, his father's girlfriend is trying to get Bo-Kau killed. Bo-Kau realizes this when an assassin fails to kill him and Bo-Kau interrogates him. And his father refuses to (or pretends not to) believe it. Bo-Kau flees Macau and enters the US. He changes his name from Bo-kau to Richard. He obtains a work permit and works as a waiter at a Japanese restaurant owned by a Korean-American lady. He is concerned at the immigration rules that are becoming more and more restrictive. On his way back to his apartment, he sees Eliza fleeing a group of men. Richard rescues her, not realizing that Eliza is an assassin and that the men chasing her are part of a rival mafia. After Eliza tells Richard the reality, Richard becomes involved in Eliza's job.


3. Sébastien Neuville

-Gender: male

-Age: 32

-Hair: blond

-Eyes: blue

-Background: He used to have a wealthy life in France. He went to the racing schools for fun - for circuit racing and rallying. When his father's business started to struggle, he immigrated to the US seven years ago. He worked for a rental car company by driving the rental cars to the different rental locations. On his way back to the city with a rental car, he sees Eliza trying to hitchhike. He becomes concerned for her because her shirt is bloody and torn. He picks her up. When they enter an isolated road, a hitman in another car starts to shoot at them. With his racing skills, Sébastien speeds away into safety. Eliza becomes impressed and hires Sébastien for driving related jobs. She offers to pay him a huge amount of money for each work. Sébastien accepts the offer. He sweeps Eliza off her feet, much to her father's disapproval. Her father resorts to alcohol and firearms.

Edited by Shyabang Shyabang
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1. Corrupt Policeman.
2. White biker.
3. Hispanic gangster but not a Dominican guy as usual.

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These characters if the game will be held in a modern Vice CitY

Leo Garcia

Age: 38

Nationality: Cuban

A former mob thirsting for vengeance against the men who murdered his family.


Jason Clark

Age: 25

Nationality: American

A noble and good policeman who will have to choose his place in his land that saw him born.


Samantha Belov

Age: 23

Nationality: Russian

A lethal Russian killer trying to get rid of her dark past.

These characters will cross paths with a similar style of GTA 4 and their episodes

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