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Any editos yet


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I know VC aint out on PC yet but I have a site that will be entirly VC here it is somethinghere.tk I will have an editor page and want to know is there any editors out there I can get my hand on so they will be there for when te game comes out?.

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I'm pretty sure Spooky's IMG Tool works on VC for the PS2, so I would assume it will for the PC version as well. TXD Tool, TXDGold, and such will *probably* work for VCPC... if not Spooky or Delfi will surely update, and I think SteveM is working on another .txd editor as well... And speaking of SteveM, his CollEditor works on VCPS2 also. So I guess the big question wwill be whether the cars and such can be modded, but hopefully Oleg will sort that one out in a day or two after the release. :)

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