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X Rated Flims

El Penguin Bobo

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to be fair, there are 'legitimate' Hollywood movies with X-ratings...



So true. Not so long ago, I watched a movie starting Shia LaBeouf [Transformers] that caught me off guard. Damn thing turned into a Freaky-Deaky movie in about 60 seconds, and I had company over. I had to run and find the freaking remote. I can't recall the title but after company left and I finally watched it - it was most definitely x-rated material.

Edited by Star-Lord
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The Evil Dead was originally rated X. Of course, at least in the US, X ratings no longer really exist. Pornographers used to give their films X ratings, which meant other films that were not just shown in spank houses had a hard time getting play time at legitimate theaters, if they had X ratings, due to the association with porn.


Of course this was all fixed when the MPAA created the NC-17 rating.

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Midnight Cowboy would be rated R if released today. Nothing super graphic is shown. Most 80s action movies make it look like a Disney cartoon.

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I would just like to take this time to point out the posting of nudity or any graphic sex is not allowed here. Just in case someone decides to post the Caligula orgy scene.

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I'm pretty confused are we talking about porno or R rated movies?

Here in the US there are some movies that come out rated NC17, most of them are softcore pornos with a long plot, the only movie i can think of that wasn't like that was Bad Lieutenant from the early 90s

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