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GTAForums Weekly Issue 38

Recommended Posts



Week of December 4th - December 10th

Welcome to the thirty-eighth issue of the GTAForums Weekly newsletter!


In the case you hibernate during the Winter, you may have not noticed that the season of festivities is now upon us. We hope that everyone's having a great time. Too add the festive season, @Voodoo has re-enabled the The Holiday Theme of GTAForums. You can switch to it by using the Change Theme option at the bottom of the page.

The GTA Online Doomsday Heist event is coming on December 12. Head over to the thread for more information and watch the Trailer!

The Annis Elegy Retro Custom (29 Votes) is leading yet again in Week 27 of the Weekly Vehicle Showdown. P996 Lazer (4 votes), seems far behind it and having a hard time pitting against the Reigning Champion. If you're interested in voting, you don't have much longer, so hurry!

Issue 33 of Customs, Cruisers, and Classics was released, too. It also features an interview with the famous vehicle collector .

In other news, the GTANet Annual Awards are once more taking place. Nominations being currently filed. If you haven't nominated already, you can do so by heading over the topic. Also back by the popular demand is the Annual Awards Poster Campaign. For any further discussions related the Annual Awards, you can use the Chat Topic.

GTAForums currently has a total of 15,166,993 posts (+23,867 from last two weeks) and 719,783 members (+674 from last two weeks) at the time this is being posted.



Customs, Cruisers and Classics: Public Enemy Number 167 [issue #33]

The Weekly Vehicle Showdown [Week 27]



[Pinned] //Mister Los Santos 2017 - Double-Stuffed\\

Rate the Outfit Above You Thread

This is how much GTA$ you need to own EVERYTHING in GTA Online

Where Do We Go From Here?

Maskfest 2017 - Show Off Your Masks!


GTA Star Wars Into Los Santos Night


GTA Vice City v/s GTA 3

Finished GTA V SP. What to play next: GTA IV or V Online?

What Grand Theft Auto Games Have You Completed?


Christmas and Presents




Welcome to the thirty-eighth week of Rockstar Central! Im your host, @Spider-Vice, and well be highlighting this weeks happenings in the Rockstar Universe.

GTA Online
Its not 2000, its not 2012, its not 11/11/2011. But Doomsday is coming. And its here to wreck face.

GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist, is coming on December 12!

The latest GTA Online DLC, and very probably the last large DLC, given Rons addiction to Doomsday in his Smugglers Run radio show and the rumours that have been floating around, puts Los Santos in a precarious situation Doomsday is coming, and we must prevent it!

A billionaire tech mogul, an idealistic intelligence agent, a nervous conspiracy theorist and Clifford, the HAL3000 rip-off, I mean the crazy AI, are being forced into an unlikely alliance to save San Andreas from annihilation! You can watch the trailer for this new DLC below:

Along with this new trailer, Rockstar has been teasing some of the brand-new vehicles and features to come, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. So far, we have:There have been a few findings made in the trailer that made people question how exactly this DLC was made, i.e., this DLC is sporting quite a lot of the scrapped single player DLC content. Check out the GTA V beta thread in the upcoming days!

Before Doomsday Heist releases, however, there are still a few discounts running until the 11th. Players will be able to find Double GTA$ and RP on:
  • Transform Races
  • Special Vehicle Work
  • Motor Wars Adversary Mode
  • Stockpile Adversary Mode
  • Every Bullet Counts
  • Inch by Inch
  • Running Back
  • Bodyguard and Associate salaries
Gunrunning research and manufacturing is also 25% faster this week!

Until the same date, you will be able to find 25% off:
  • Executive offices, garages and their style upgrades
  • Bunkers, Hangars and Biker clubhouses
  • MOC Cabs
  • APC (Buy Now and Trade Prices)
  • Weaponised Tampa (Both prices)
  • HVY Nightshark
  • Halftrack (Both prices)
  • Dune FAV (Both prices)
  • Karin Technical (Both prices)
  • Anti-Aircraft Trailer (both prices)
  • The Buzzard
For those who still want to rack up some extra money and feel fast enough, this week, the premium race and time trial are as follows:
  • Premium Race Pier Race (Locked to Supercars)
  • Time Trial Storm Drain












@Spiggy Smalls







This week's guest is the well known Musician & Kenny G enthusiast, @mr quick.

Arrow: You've been a member of the community for almost a decade now... What initially brought you to GTAForums?
mr quick: I first became aware of the forums a while before registering, because I had browsed the GTA network sites looking for tips, tricks, and cheats for GTA San Andreas when that was new. I finally registered this account as you say, almost 10 years ago, because I felt the need to share a trick where you make a homie/recruited ped drive away with any car. Thats it. I have no idea why I was so excited, but I made a terrible post and topic about it with an all-caps title and lots of weird, dated internet slang. English isnt my first language, and I had only browsed other forums which were full of sh*tposting and the likes. Its named something like MAKE HOMIE DRIVE SPECIAL CAR LOLOLOLOLOLOLO. I thought I was being hip.
I didnt post very frequently until much later, around 2012 or so. Its too bad I didnt make a new account, because I made some stupid posts in the past expressing some stupid views I once held.

What's the history / context regarding your username?
Ive had a few over the years, but this one (mr quick) is a line from a song on an early 1980s bootleg tape that contains unreleased Steely Dan tracks and demos. One of the verses on The Bear from that tape goes: Mr. Quick has flown from The Cosmic Zoo. I dont know why, but I always loved that line. I used it in my signature for a while before changing my username.

What do you enjoy most about the community here on GTAF?
I think its generally quite different from a lot of other boards Ive seen, in that its a great balance of active board moderators and of shenanigans. Its good cheeky fun, but the mods and admins keep us all in check.

How does it feel to be a member of The LFM?
Its great. Its not as active as for example AMF was when I was in it, but its a good bunch of some of my favorite people. Its nice to have a closed forum where I can post about things that I wouldnt want to post on Facebook.

Which forum member do you feel closest to?
Fonz. Hes as much of a brother to me as someone youve never met can be. Were both jazz guitarists, and we share the same views and ideas on politics, leisure, expression, and so on. We keep in touch almost daily outside of the forum or any of its channels.

Picture this; you've suddenly become an admin here on the forum. What do you do first?
Thats a tough one, because I absolutely would not want to be an admin on here. If I somehow became one, Id probably just abuse my powers until an admin further up the hierarchy stopped me.

What's your favorite Rockstar / GTA Title?
Its hard to pick just one, so Ill take the easy way out and say the GTA series. I cant really pick a favorite between IV and San Andreas either I also think Max Payne 3 is catastrophically underrated. Its one of my all-time favorite games as well, and I really hope we get something similar for newer console generations. Hell, Id take a PS4 version!

Being an avid musician, what soundtrack do you think is the best out of any Rockstar title?Could it have been improved? How about other titles?
I loved the San Andreas and GTA V soundtracks, because they both create a credible approximation of their contemporary radio soundscape, while also using lot of slightly obscure music too, making it much more of a unique experience that shows actual thought and creative energy went into creating the right soundtrack. However, Max Payne 3s OST is absolutely amazing and gets the win from me. I tried turning the music off once, and it just wasnt the same game. Its a great listen even without playing, but it really adds a lot to the gameplay experience.

Tell us about your obsession interest in Kenny-G's works.
This ones a bit obscure and super niche The long and short of it is that I hate the music and creative attitude of Kenny G. One of my biggest heroes, Pat Metheny, has also been very vocal about (see: perpetually shat on) Kenny G, which sort of made it funnier to dislike him. The general idea is that Kenny G makes this sort of faux-jazz pop music, and the jazz community wont have it. Hes just a big meme. The Adam Sandler of jazz. Voodoo put the award on me because hes just an absolute madman.

Do you have any interests, hobbies, favorite music, and so on? Tell us about the person behind your alias
I dabble in a lot of things, but obviously music is my number one priority and interest. Im currently getting a degree in popular music/guitar. Since you asked about my favorite music; I have an unhealthy obsession with Steely Dan. Theres something mysterious about the perfect Aja and Gaucho sounds, and the way they sound unique and timeless all these years later. This is what drives me, and its a huge inspiration for how I compose and arrange music.I also love the later L.A. Session and jazz greats like Michael Brecker, Larry Carlton, John Scofield, and so many others. I just like jazz & fusion in general.

Otherwise, I like being outside whenever I can, am as politically active as I can be, and try to live a slightly bohemian life in the city on a student budget.

Any final comments? Do you have anything to say to our readers & the GTAF community?
I wouldnt know how to say it without being corny, but I really appreciate the community and staff, and especially all the work the staff does. It really keeps a unique online community alive.


Carry On Wayward Son - by Kansas

This was written by Kansas guitarist Kerry Livgren, who believed that the song was not written to express anything specifically religious, though it certainly expresses spiritual searching and other ideas.

This was the group's first major hit, and like their next one, "Dust In The Wind," it was a last minute addition to the album.

Album: Leftoverture

Genre: Progressive rock

Release Date: 1976

Label(s): Kirshner

Writer(s): Kerry Livgren


- Editor & Publisher, Topics/Snaps of the Week

- GTAForums News

@Ash_735 - Get Modified

@slohbur - Graphics Assistant

@Spider-Vice - Rockstar Central

@Testarossa - Track of the Week

@unbid - Interviewer

Edited by Arrow

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Excellent interview and everything else in general. :^:

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nice interview marwin

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That interview was groovy! Out of sight, man.

That's all the jazz lingo I know. I don't even know if jazz has any lingo.

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Smashing job as usual Android! :D

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Meedo 2

Snaps of the week :)

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