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HELP - Strange Language


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Hello Guys,


I have been playing GTA IV since 1 year, with original DVD. My DVD reader broke, so I cracked my game. I don't know why, the auto cracker, worked but changed the game language to russian, without much efforts, I patch english hoping it would work,now i have following "characterstics" of my problem:

1. Everyone speaks english

2. Menu is in english

3. Hud is in a strange language maybe russian

4. Subtitles are also in a strange langauge.

5. Vehicle names are also in a strange language


I tried replacing "American.gxt" with an original backup but it not worked, there is no sign of russian.gxt



Hope, You could help




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My DVD reader broke


Okay, so buy the game on Steam, don't crack the game because it's well y'know...illegal.


I'm in no place to give advice on how to correct the issue because I've never personally had to deal with it, but if I was in your situation (which at one point, I was because my DVD copy of the game just didn't work anymore) just roll with the punches and buy it on Steam. It's more than likely a winter sale is coming soon so it's as good as time as any to purchase it cheaply, then you won't have to deal with issues like this.


EDIT: Just to clarify I assumed that you didn't just download a no-CD .exe file because then it wouldn't have played around with your settings which is likely the cause of language issues. If you did already have the game installed, why didn't you just get a .exe instead of using a shady auto cracker?

Edited by RetroMystic
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Yup, I agree

I downloaded a rar file, I expected it to have .exe of launcher or something, being lazy, I used it.


But, I am looking for the solution better than buying it again

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For more info, the screen that first appears, ammo amount, money, car names are having these problems, isn't there any specific file indicating these problems.

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We don't support pirated versions, sorry.


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