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Rogue Souls MC


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Website: https://roguesoulsmc.wixsite.com/rsmc


Social Club Page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rogue_souls_mc





Rogue Souls was founded in March 2015 by our President Jack O Melon on the Xbox One. We quickly settled down at our home, Ranch. Rogue Souls is a shoot first, ask questions later club. We pride ourselves in our ability to shoot and our brotherhood. We are Rogue and we don't care what other clubs think of us. That being said, we stick to strict 1% rules until those rules are broken. Once those rules are broken, we allow the use of whatever is necessary to piss off and pushout those that have shot at us. We like to cruise around the streets of Los Santos and mainly staying within our neck of the woods, Rogue Lands. We have always been a free aim club.






When you are going up against another MC, we follow the 1% protocol until they break one of the following rules:


  • Any Explosives

  • Wearing biker helmets or rebreathers

  • Not wearing a tag

  • Using weapons other than an AR

  • Using Vehicles other than a bike

When defending yourself against any random or crew that is not following 1% law, you are free to use any weapons they use. Once explosives are pulled, you are free to open your weapon wheel completely up.






1. We must be your only crew, as this shows loyalty. Either the RSMC, prospect, or hang around tags.

2. Stay in your position during rides and never pass the president. If you are a prospect or hang around, never pass a full patch.

3. Always respect all RSMC alliances and ceasefires. Never attack any ally without cause or order to do so.

4. Never abandon any member when in battle.

5. Respect and follow through with all orders given to you.

6. Trash talk about RSMC, members, or Allies in immediate ground for kicking or ban from RSMC.

7. False representation of a higher officer is grounds for immediate kicking and ban from RSMC.

8. Minor offenses will be subject to a three strike rule. Minor offenses include but are not limited to; "accidental crew killing, leaving battle without notice, disrespect to your higher officers, etc"

9. ONLY parleys and choppers allowed.

10. Dresscode is required at all times. And you must always wear RSMC patch. No patch, no pride.

11. ARs are MANDATORY until told otherwise by the highest rank in the game.

12.Prospects and/or hangarounds are not allowed to help anyone (friend, ally, etc.) that is not in the club. You can defend yourself in a lobby if someone attacks you first, but must have proof.

13. Respect and represent Clint with pride and honor and not let anyone disrespect him. You've earned the right to wear him, do not let him or you brothers down.

14. While attending events you WILL act with maturity and respect. There will be no crew killing, no killing other crews, no kicking bikes over, no insulting others cars/bikes they bring to shows, etc.





Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rogue_souls_mc/


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rogue.souls.7?fref=search






There are two ways for you to become a Rogue Soul. The first way is to check out our website and apply there, or you may apply with the application below:

1. Gamertag?

2. Previous MCs or Crews?

3. Age?

4. Why do you wish to become a Rogue Soul?

5. Social Club?

6. Anything interesting about you that would make you stand out among others?

​Any other questions contact SOTL Cronus or Jack O Melon on Xbox One
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We here at Rogue Souls would like to congratulate a few people over this past week. First we would like to congratulate Miss O Melon for receiving her full patch, may we ride together always! Secondly we would like to congratulate The ReconScout for receiving Secretary Role and RogueDemon for receiving the role as Sergeant at Arms! We are still looking for active and willing people to join the club and for us to welcome them as brothers and sisters!

Xbox One Gamertags:

President: Jack O Melon

Vice President: SOTL Cronus

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We here at Rogue Souls would like to announce our involvement with Alvarez38006 in his youtube series Tales From GTA Online. We are extremely excited to work with such a talented guy and would love for you guys to check out his channel, as well as his trailer for his next part in the series, featuring us. We would also like to announce that we will be setting up more events for the near future, and welcome anyone who would like to join in those events. Lastly, we are still actively recruiting and would love to see new faces here at Rogue Souls. Any questions can be directly messaged to me on the forums, or on Xbox Live at SOTL Cronus or Jack O Melon.






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This isn't like a dig at you guys, but I just wanted to let you know that there is a spelling error on your website. On the Hierarchy page, Sergeant is spelt as Sargent. Like I said, just a little bit of friendly advice.

Have a nice day!

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