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Name of rival vehicle delivery service to Pegasus?


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What's the name of the vehicle delivery service that rivals Pegasus? My real motive is to find out the true differences to each.. like... since pegasus only delivers to airports/helipads where you sometimes have to drive 3+ miles just to get there.. does the other one deliver closer to wherever you happen to be when you make the call? thanks in advance.

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Not sure what service you mean. There is pegasus and your mechanic. The other way is just through your interaction menu.

If you request a vehicle through your menu its the same as pegasus. There are specific spawn points.

However with vehicles requested through the menu there are some tricks to get them to spawn closer.

After requesting a vehicle through your menu and once it appears on your map you can simply open your phone and join a job then back out right away. Your vehicle will spawn right next to you.

Same if you have a heist ready, once you request your vehicle and you see it on the map, accept the heist and you will spawn at your apartment. back out of the heist and your vehicle will be right outside your apartment.

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Pegasus doesn't only deliver to airports and helipads.

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I would say SecuroServ is the rival when it comes to availability and speed, but their delivery list is limited.

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Maybe I'm going crazy (a high possibility) lol but I could have sworn that a few months ago, there was a rival delivery company you could choose from when purchasing a plane or vehicle... it was called like Cerberus or something... I believe it began with a C... can't find anything about it on google tho

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It sounds like the CEO/VIP vehicle requests found in the interaction menu. Insta-spawns right at your feet, and for free if you own that particular vehicle. Always a non-customised version, and painted Matte Black. There is a similar model for the Road Captain of motorcycle clubs.


Or maybe you're thinking of the Merryweather boat/heli pickups that come straight to your location. Not many options there though.

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The Captain delivers personal vehicles, I doubt that's who you mean though. Lester also delivers boats, Helis, planes and cars.

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