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Claude, Tommy, and CJ

El Penguin Bobo

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El Penguin Bobo

This may not be possible but what if Claude, Tommy, and CJ did a collaboration? Give me your ideas guys.

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Algonquin Assassin

Claude and Tommy would look at eachother and decide CJs not worth working with and kill him on the spot.

Edited by Algonquin Assassin
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I'll try to think my best for each of these scenarios:


CJ and Claude: Eh, they already met once. I think they could get along as Claude is one of the reasons why CJ became rich (by giving his garage to CJ for Free). They might try to kill each-others after Catalina dies eventually. Remember, Cesar is Catalina's cousin and Cesar is one of CJ's best friends, so I think CJ would help Cesar to kill Claude if Cesar asked him.


CJ and Tommy: I always thought they would work together as business partners rather than Criminal buddies. Like for example, CJ wants to held a Mad Dog's concert on Vice City and Tommy could be the one who arranges the venue, etc. The only time that they could work together in my opinion is when someone's else (The Ballas or The Forelli Family) interrupting their business together. Yes, they might be impress with each-others, but that's it. It would be just a temporary team.


Claude and Tommy: Claude will work for everything so yes. Not so sure if Claude would betray Tommy though.


Now here's the main scenario:


Claude, Tommy, and CJ: The closest thing these 3 men working together is if we use the "CJ and Tommy" scenario I've mentioned. Just added Claude to the mix (maybe Claude would be acting like Tommy's body-guard after Tommy asked for his help) and you'd see them working together. Yes, CJ being grateful to Claude would make their team work even stronger.


That's just my 2 cents anyway, other people might have their own ideas..

Edited by Prasdana21
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