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Nvidia PCSS low draw distance shadows

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Hello. I noticed some bug(?) in nvidia pcss. It have long draw shadows distance for some reason match more closer then sharp or soft shadows. This is especially noticeable in flying or on mountains shadows on sunrise or sunset. Soft and sharp shadows draw on the wary long range and PCSS for some reasons disappear(and appearing) wary close and it is quite noticeable. And seams that "Extended Shadows Distance" in advence option doesn't work at all whit PCSS Shadows.


It is just my bug? or it should to be in that way for some reason?


And if i use soft shadows i have ugly "shadow box" around character.


Maybe some one know the optimal shadow settings?


PS My pc config - gtx 1066, ryzen 1600, 16 gb

Edited by AlvaroMadFox

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NVIDIA PCSS is not in any way, shape, or form realistic. Its claim to the title of most accurate shadow option is marketing fluff. Shadows in reality simply do not look like PCSS shadows.**


In my opinion, the highest quality Soft Shadow option gives the most visually pleasing result, and uses less processing power as well. I wouldn't mind the framerate hit that PCSS causes if it was actually more accurate, or even just more attractive, but that is unfortunately not the case.


For my part, I was not bothered by the shadow delineation around the character, but I played in first-person. In third-person I noticed it, but it wasn't a problem because I am usually focusing anywhere other than the ground around the character.


I do have a suggestion, though: It might be the case that the farther one sits from the display (up to a point), the more noticeable this issue would be. I have found that, when I sit close to a larger display, whether it is a movie or a game, my eyes are moving around the scene, taking in details from all points, whereas when I sit far from a smaller display, I tend to stay more focused on the center of the image.


** (Edit) It occurred to me to volunteer that I have used exclusively NVIDIA since building my first PC in 2003, lest bias be presumed.

Edited by Dryspace

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Nvidia PCSS has problems of it's own. Not much you can do about it, been having the same problem. And I disagree with the guy on top. The shadows in PCSS are some of the most realistic. It's able to intelligently change shadows depending on the time and distance. Too many people are used to shadows looking super sharp, I won't lie sharp shadows do look cool but they are not realistic.

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It's not that the shadows aren't sharp. They are not realistic--a fairly simple algorithm is used to diffuse the shadow along the length, and this is way too drastic.


I spent a good deal of time with the shadow options. I originally used PCSS, but I switched to Softest after realizing that I wasn't actually getting the benefit of the attendant framerate drop.


There are any number of pictures of actual long shadows in similar conditions that show that shadows do not rapidly degrade the way PCSS shadows do. I'll try to post a few examples later.

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Just like Micheal those people are close to the ground. Find something taller like the tree.

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