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Soul Calibur VI Announcement Trailer


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This is really hype for me seeing Soul Calibur finally making it's comeback on PS4 after 5 years.

I've been playing Soul Blade & Calibur games since PS1 and Dreamcast & it's one of my fav fighting game franchises of all time.

Mitsu looks young & got some really cool new moves & stuff.

2018 is gonna be a great year for fighting game fans.


I can't wait to main Mitsurugi for another 5 years. :)



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Creed Bratton

PC version? f*ck yes! SC3 is still one of my favorite fighting games of all time. Hopefully VI will have a deep character creator. And hopefully it won't rely on microtransactions.

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chronic lumbago

SC3 was one of my favorite PS2 games. It had so many game modes and features that it puts modern fighting games to shame. Tales of souls, chronicles of the souls and deep character creator. Best fighting game of the era if you ask me.


Hopefully it won't be as bare bones as modern games and that map mode better makes a return. It was replaced by that tower thing in the sequels, it was nowhere near as fun as the tales/chronicles.

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This looks pretty good. I've been playing these games since 1997, so I'm understandably excited. But I do hope that they bring back FMV character endings, rather than going the lazy Mortal Kombat route and having pictures with words.

In truth, the whole series has gotten very over-complicated over the years. The whole game is meant to be about an evil, powerful sword that the fighters alternatively want to steal/destroy, but over the years it's just gotten bloated to the point of tedium.


What I'm really hoping for, giving the historical setting, is that there are more diverse characters from different countries. An English Knight, a Scottish Highlander, a Vatican Inquisitor would all be better choices than "woman with oversized breasts", which is what the series degenerated into over the years.

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Creed Bratton

woman with oversized breasts

Nothing wrong with that, my man. I still fondly remember the jiggly bits on Soul Calibur 3 item shop ladies. You could press a button and they'd bounce. But I was a horny high school kid back then so I loved it. These days it's more about nostalgia and legacy.

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I hope there will be an open beta.

It would be hella cool to see guest characters like Blade, TMNT or Cloud from FF7.

Namco is takin over.

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Finally :D and everyone said Soul Calibur was dead, now look who's talking.



From the looks of things, this one might be a prequel of sorts. Mitsurugi looks a lot younger than he did in V, and Sophitia is now back despite being presumed dead/lost in another dimension. That's great though,because the story was really going downhill, with the lost of many memorable characters.

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new gameplay




the starting roster doesn't seem that big

expecting lots of DLC characters, oh well

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  • 9 months later...

@ll tomorrow is an open beta, you can download the client on PS4 @ tomorrow evening and the open beta for soul calibur 6 goes through this weekend

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