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Xploder codes

Sam Houser

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Try BestCheats they're always updated with the newest cheats for many consoles and ofcourse PC.


Are you looking for some special cheats for a certain game?

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Could someone tell me if there are any websites other than <a href="www.xploder.net" target="_blank">www.xploder.net</a> & www.xploder-codes.com for finding out new codes for new realesed games.


Cheers !  :sly:



The two sites you've already looked at, sam, are the best for Xploder Codes. So, unless you can find something on Google, look harder on the sites you already know.


@Azazel. Well, as it's a Vice City forum, I guess it's gonna be for Vice City! :p But, you never know...lol



The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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www.gamefaqs.com is a good place to look for cheats and guides to games. Try it ;)

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