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[Single Player] How long and at what distance does a car you leave somewhere disappear on current-gen?

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I am playing the last gen version and I did the side mission in the beginning where you have to rescue amanda from the store detective or whatever (the one where she's in the back of the police car. I parked michaels default car at one of the parking spots near the squad car, I got in the car and escaped the wanted level, then took amanda back home, then I drove all the way back to the spot I left michaels default car (after I got the mission complete screen and everything) and it was still there. Do cars still stay where you leave them for this long, and after traveling this far in later versions? Or is this only in the original unupdated edition?

Edited by LucidLocomotive

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Hot Pursuit

Depends on the version and platform, older current gen version has the car disappear after you lost sight of your car for a moderate amount of time and further from your car (happened on my PC, possibly to save memory), newer one has much more time and distance before the car disappear. Don't know about console but I think it's longer


Also car may coded to remain in place during and after mission

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i have a fully updated PS4 version, here's what i've experienced: defaults cars don't disappear from the game, and if they aren't exactly where you left them, then they are usually at impound or at your character's house. same for any modded vehicles. as for random vehicles (including a few helicopters), they'll disappear as soon as they are out of view sometimes, even only a short distance away.

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I guess it's somewhat unpredictable.. In your case which is a story mission, they tend to safe the car even after you travel for a long time.. in the free roaming however, if you change to another vehicle, then they will soon disappear whenever you lost a sight of them for some times..

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Cutter De Blanc

If you get into another car and move your camera off your old car the old one disappears. It may go to the impound lot.


The game only stores your last driven car in it's memory but it doesn't seem to have any distance limits

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