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Oppressor Transformation Shift

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Anybody else get this?

I have a transform to Oppressor CP in this race, still in 1st draft stages; Secondary Track CP 11


Every time someone hits it, their direction gets shifted to the right; or they turn automatically, I can't tell exactly because of the cloud.

I've checked and double checked to make sure the cp is facing the right direction. I've tried moving it up and down the street a little.

I have other Oppressor Transform CPs in that race and others which work fine.


EDIT: finally got around this. the only way it worked for me is when I changed the transform CP for the Oppressor to the same number on the secondary track (the one that was having the issues) as it is on the first. So now they're both at CP 10 and neither twist the player around with the transformation.

Edited by SaveTheZombies

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i played your race

nice map

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i played your race
nice map


TY. I'm a fan of your races as well.

This is still in kind of a concept stage but definitely improving from the first draft.

When did you try it? I was working on it last night (EST) and I think I got the balance between the 2 routes down and I also think I may have fixed the oppressor transform glitch by moving the transform to CP10 (at the turn in front of the studio),

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