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Imponte Deluxo appreciation thread

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8-13-2018_10-50-06_PM.png?width=1095&hei yeah i used the Hitcher reverence with a Delorean. not a Cadillac 8-13-2018_10-50-10_PM.png?width=1095&hei

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On 12/12/2017 at 11:53 PM, Collibosher said:

This thing does not belong into GTA and I should hate this, but after I went into hover mode for the first time in that Deluxo mission, I knew I had to have my own...


Mine is inspired by the very limited gold plated DeLoreans. Deluxo's wheels are almost 100% match to real ones, but you can't paint them and I don't do glitches, so I had to use lowrider wheels.

(just like in real one) I have intentionally used different shade of gold as secondary color, because they represent plastic and you can't gold plate plastic.









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Grand_Theft_Auto_V_10.png your not the only one who was inspired by that Limited Editon delorean man :D but i did mine to be like the original VC equivalent with the rims for the new deluxo like that same spoiler and the grillcover 20180718_085717.jpg and no its not duped. its a completely different car just to clarify. 8-14-2018_8-05-45_PM.png?width=1095&heig


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Willy A. Jeep

John Deluxo had a dream. He was a man of much talent and fame and celebration, having designed hugely popular cars for Imponte, Schyster, and Declasse, and had the automotive world on a string. He was a rebel, a business man, and he knew what the people wanted. But he wanted something, too. A car with his name, a car he could do whatever he wanted with, a car of the future. John knew his ideas were radical, and he knew he was going to face an uphill climb, but he did it anyway. He gathered the best of the best in the car world - bringing designers from Italy and engineers from Britain - and concentrated their collective efforts on bringing his dream to reality. Everybody was interested in this new, shining creation of John's, which promised to revolutionize the entire identity of the automobile. Governments were granting the venture millions of dollars, celebrities were placing orders, and Imponte was putting the pressure on Deluxo. With the seventies coming to a close and the future fast approaching, the car was finally complete, and by eighty-one, the first IMC-12 Deluxo was born in an obscure town in Ireland, rolling forth into a new world, its destiny before it.


Unfortunately, even the luck of the Irish couldn't save the dream. Despite all the best efforts of its designers, its builders, and its creator, the Deluxo was already treading water when it hit showrooms worldwide. Times had changed. The car, futuristic and extravagant in the years it was designed, no longer appealed to buyers. Even with an advanced fuel-injected performance engine, it did not deliver the power people demanded of their luxury sports cars. Stories of people being trapped within the gull-winged coupes when they flipped fueled the media firestorm, and when in late eighty-two John was caught in an FIB entrapment scheme (likely because they wanted their money back), it was all over. It didn't matter that the charges were dropped, it didn't matter that the car was improving with every unit produced, the dream of John Deluxo was ruined by a cruel wake-up call from reality. Far from the car of the future, that everybody would drive, the IMC-12 was finished with only about 10,000 produced. Thousands went unsold, and many went on to be scrapped for their valuable stainless steel and engines. John Deluxo, once an acclaimed figure in the automotive world, became a laughing stock. The dream seemed dead, the Deluxo doomed to obscurity, a curious relic of an unfound paradise.


Then, the Deluxo became a star. A few years after production ceased, one of the cars appeared in a blockbuster science fiction film, featuring as the film's iconic time machine. Overnight, the failed venture and crushed dreams of John Deluxo was reborn as the coolest car in all of sci-fi, and every nerd wanted to acquire their very own stainless steel holy grail. With a clap of thunder and flash of lighting, the dream was reignited, and the Deluxo was made timeless, immortal. The car of the future it was always destined to be. Though production never truly restarted, and Imponte eventually dissolved, the Deluxo has lived on, and many have put their lives towards preserving it. Most recently, Coil began producing low-volume new and modified OEM Deluxos for high-bidding buyers, keeping the dream alive. John would be proud.


So, here's mine. It's a 1982, manual, all stock except the head unit. Bought it a couple years back from a guy in Davis, said his son was going to turn it into a lowrider if he didn't sell it, so I felt it was my duty to save it. Great price, too. I've been in love with the Deluxo since I saw the first prototypes in a magazine back in seventy-six, and it gutted me when the company closed. Even if it's not exactly like it was in that magazine, I think the car has aged better than... well, all of us. A dream come true.










As always, more images in the spoiler below. No scenic shots because, well, I already posted a bunch of those a few pages back. Live the dream!









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Grand_Theft_Auto_V_52.pngGrand_Theft_Auto_V_53.png nothing feels better then being in a peaceful lobby and in a Civil deluxo without it being all weaponized

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