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Snipe Thorough Walls ? WTF ?


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Yesterday I had a nasty experiene with one guy, more than 2 blocks away from me, both of us at ground level, with him killing me 3 times with single loud shots


He was at ground level, no doubt without line of sight and I was behind thik tall walls or whole houses


I was not peaking at corners or crouching on small walls, I was completely 200% very far from exposed, been playing for quite a bit and know exactly what means to be sneak a peak and risking to show or to be fully safe to get a hold of the moment and prepare for the next move


After reading some Internet articles I found out Heavy Sniper with thermal vision has an old known glitch that allows it to pierce thorough whole buildings, thick tall walls, terrain hills, yachct structures and even CEO offices


Just could not learn exactly if the Magazines had to be FMJ or Explosive or if both work as long there is a thermal scope


The point of having a map is to create a gameplay where you use the map features, either to defend either to attack or travel, etc


With this glitch they better just drop a flat grass whole huge map and it will be exactly the same as it is now when people get the Heavy Sniper with thermal scope, exactly the same thing as endless flat surface


I'm about to unlock it and get it because I invested on Bunker and Research, so I may not feel on disadvantage, but is not a cool feature at all, it just kills the point of a map at all and I would prefere no one had it


I signed up for GTA, not for "world of wizzards and fantasy", lol


Shooting through walls and buildings and hills ??? WTF ???

Edited by LordLoff
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Yeah, this isn't a guide nor strategy.

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Yeah, this isn't a guide nor strategy.



Please post this kind of thing in the B&M topic, especially as its fairly well-known so doesn't really need a thread :santa:




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