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GTA New Sinclair (idea)


Recommended Posts

GTA New Sinclair takes place nowadays 2017 - 2018

New Sinclair - New Orleans

Angel Heights/Belaire Parish - Any Parish and town

Lune Bleue - Baton Rouge

Capital City District Of New Rotterdam - Washington DC


Zoey Valentine - 24 year old Weasel News pencil pusher until she gets her big break

April Hall - Zoeys boss who gives Zoey her big break in undercover journalism

Buddy - real name is unknown but he runs The Leonard Family in New Sinclair

Gregory Lafayette - Leader of Genevieve Militia

1ST Half


Her first assignment is about street racing and goes by the name Cherry, if she wins she gets a new car and gets let in to more street racing gigs, if she fails she looses her car and is forced to use a rental until she wins the car back but is still let in to the racing gigs - everyone makes fun of her for using a rental but nobodies perfect the first time, doing races unlocks special cars and upgrades her special ability. Zoeys personality here is a Vice City beach bum chick.


Zoeys personality changes everytime she enters a new group.


April gives Zoey a rumor about a drug ring on the University Campus, this is where she meets Beaux and where Zoey enrolles for college since its more believable for her presence there, NO GUNS ALLOWED ON CAMPUS! Except melee weapons and non lethal weapons, Beaux and Zoey become roommates and become friends, Zoey has to become a cheerleader in order to find whose selling the drugs, while finding out whose selling she meets Jake, Kelly, Sherman, and Skylar. Jake unlocks a new mini which is paintball, helps improve combat without loosing money, weapons or ammo, Kelly does martial arts which Zoey can now learn, Sherman if you hangout with him enough you earn his trust which gives you the ability to pay his father (chief of NSPD) money to call off the cops (earned over time not right away), Skylar is a cheerleader and a part time Gogo dancer at the local club but is good friends with the boss, hangout with her long enough and you can watch college basketball and football games for free at the stadium (similar to the phil colins show in VCS) you can now do classes like in bully and learn how to make makeshift thrown weapons like itching powder, the firework launcher and with mechanics class she can upgrade her car abit more than the stock stuff in garages.


2nd Half


Zoey takes notes on everybody and then goes back to April, who rounded 2 contacts named "Buddy, Ace"


Buddy can get Zoey into the Leonard Family and a drug smuggling ring that taking place in Marais Fantom, Zoey goes by the name of Kat. The story here is that buddy is apart of a crime family that ran New Sinclair since its founding. She earns the rage ability like Trevor, when fully upgraded it lasts longer than Trevorz, Zoeys personality here is a girl from Algonquin.


Beaux is the daughter of the Genevieve Militia leader - Gregory Lafeyette who can vouche for Zoey to get her into the militia under the name Liberty. The story here is Zoey gets trained to be a soldier and since shes a reporter, she writes down the names of everyone and everything they do and ever done. Zoeys personality here is the same college girl cheerleader personality from when she lived on campus. Zoey gains the Slow MO Shooting ability that she gets to shoot like Michael but once fully upgraded she can choose targets like John Marston did at level 3 Dead Eye.


Those contact stories arnt long but long enough for Zoey to be upgraded to level 2 if all done 100% Gold.


After Zoey does all story missions for these contacts April calls her to have her hand in her reports on these contacts, April says she has the next few days off so nows the time to do side missions, The Family missions earns special weapons like the Gripped Gusenberg Sweeper which has the classic tommy gun look with the front grip, doing more street races Zoey earns the Vapid Warhorse which a 60s mustang and ECT.


Now if you Sleep to save the game Zoey will wake up breathing fast and heavy like shes having nightmares.


Zoey goes back to her desk until her next assignment and she gets a text from Buddy "Meet me at the Bean Machine in Little Paris"


Zoey puts on her "Algonquin Girl" face, Buddy says that he got a gig that will move her up in the world, a high grade weapons deal, stuff the chinese wont even buy, The Family has people everywhere, in the police, in Government, The Senate, in the military, even people in the local militia, the trade goes down and one of the guys recognise her, he works at the same Weasel News studio as she does, just as that happens the NSPD, NOOSE, FIB, and IAA start a bust with the rogue military soldiers, militia and members of The Family start firing back with Zoey caught in the middle, Zoey makes a run for it and is being chased down with a 6 star wanted level all across New Sinclair, with New Sinclair becoming a war zone Zoey manages to escape to Belaire Parish, countryside with a small town.




Zoey ditches her phone and calls up April on a pay phone and tells her that shes out in Belaire Parish and explains everything that happend, April says shes on her way out there, Zoey waits for afew hours until April arrives, April shows up and Zoeys a reck, pacing back and forth worried about going to jail and such.


April says everyones taring the city apart looking for her, taking out rival gangs and families, and people rioting in the streets just because they can. April heads back to New Sinclair while Zoey heads for Angel Heights to wait for everything to blow over.


(the roads back to New Sinclair is blocked by US National guard)


The first thing Zoey does is go have a drink at the biker bar in town, the bar is neutral ground so The Lost MC and Angels Of Death MC dont fight unless someone fires a shot, members of The Lost recognises her and makes her an offer, do jobs for them and they wont say a word or alert every lowlife in the region. She meets Lincoln a member of The Lost MC and Cher a member of Angels Of Death (Cher gives Zoey a new phone with all the same apps and numbers as Zoey is seen messing with it after the cutscene, calling up your friends and explaining everything will help keep your friends from leaving you)


Same as the other contacts do their missions and you are rewarded with something special, if all missions are done 100% Gold you end up starting a new chapter of The Lost MC and Angels Of Death as "The Lost Angels MC" since these 2 MC chapters has been forgotten they joined together as a new chapter signifying change and Zoey is the president of this new chapter. The new ability is called "MC Cavalry" where you can call for back up when in combat or if you just wanna ride with the club, when your done you can dismiss then if you want.


After awhile April calls you and says its safe to leave Angel Heights and to meet her in Lune Bleue.


While Zoey was keeping the MCs happy April managed to do alittle digging and gain some political power with some blackmail she found on the senator, while its still not safe to go back to New Sinclair Zoey can start over in Lune Bleue, April Told her to stay in Angel Heights and she'll come pick her up and explain everything. They get to Lune Bleue and the first thing Zoey does is go home to her parents and that her home till she can go back to New Sinclair. April later calls her and says meet her at city hall


April pulled some strings and managed to get a hearing in Capital City DNR, they both fly out to Capital City DNR and head to Capital Building court room, during the hearing their interrupted by gun fire outside, the room is then rushed by Double Federal Agents, Rogue Soldiers and The Family, Zoey picks up a gun off a dead guard and starts fighting her way out, she finds April shot dead, Zoey drops the gun and escapes with a crowd of people.


She stole a car and gunned it all the way back to Lune Bleue, she makes it back by dark and heads for her parents house only to find them dead as well, Beaux walks in and Zoey almost shoots her out of just sheer fear and anger. Zoey let Beaux explain herself that she tried her damn hardest to have her father stop this and to just let her go. Beaux then has Zoey drive to a hideout that she created for them. Beaux said that she managed to get some people on her side and that Zoey can use them as reinforcements (Zoey now has the ability to call in Air Support like UAV Missle Drone, Heavy Armor Suit Care Package and The Lost Angels Cavalry has been upgraded to Gang War with 3 groups of bikers show up armed to the max)

Now everytime you sleep save Zoey wakes up screaming from night terrors like Michael did in GTA 5 where he slept with a gun in his hand




Zoey heads back to New Sinclair to kill Gregory, Buddy and who ever else was involved in this.


(Literally a war on the streets of New Sinclair)


When Zoey reaches Gregs base she puts on a Heavy Armor Suit and marches into the base blasting everything in her way.


After Gregs death she then continues on to Buddy's Compound (by the time you reach the compound the heavy armor is destroyed and are forced to abandon it) The Compound is extremely guarded so this is where the drone come into play destroying everything insight, (recommend call in back up, is possible to take them on alone just really hard doing it alone earns you the achievement Hell Hath No Fury Like A Womans Scorned)


There is no final conversation with buddy or nothing - you walk and basically slaughter him and then leave, The last choice is when Zoey returns to Beauxs hideout wheres Beaux is waiting, you can either kill Beaux and forever be on the run or let Beaux live and she tells you that someone from the FIB in Capital City DNR called and offered you an out in the witness protection program.


I know its not alot right now but its still in the making, just needed to put it on here so i dont loose it really but please leave feedback id like to know what you think of it.

Edited by R3D-RAB1T
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