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What do you guys think is canon regarding Jimmy's yellow BeeJay and the ending of the mission "complications"?

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Do you think Michael takes the car back after beating up Simeon? Or is it left there? If it is taken back, then why would Jimmy need to take Michaels car later in the game? Also worth noting is when the mission ends, Michael leaves the dealership as if it is implied that we are supposed to walk away and leave the car. If this is the case, what do you think Michael is supposed to do next? Walk home? It is quite a far walk back to his house, and this point in the game is before we "learn" how to hail a cab. Or are we supposed to immediately switch back to Franklin and let M do his own thing? This could be the case, as as soon as the mission ends we are notified that "character switch is now available".


I understand that there really isn't anything we are "supposed" to do, but it can't be denied that there is a general "flow" that is implemented into the game from the developers, so it's worth discussing, and definitely fun to speculate these kinds of things, what did you guys do at this point on your first play through and what are your thoughts?

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I always assumed that the vehicle was totaled when Michael demanded that Franklin drive it into Simeon's dealership. Of course, in a game that you can pay a hundred bucks to repair any damage to a vehicle the player has taken possession of, the idea of a car being totaled may seem a little silly. But as part of the storyline, not part of the gameplay, I think it makes sense in that context.

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Jimmy keeps bugging Michael about wanting his own car after Complications is completed so it's safe to say the BeeJay was left behind.

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