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N. Man

OpenIV Corrupt File Area? Help!

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N. Man

Hey. So I'm trying to edit the handling for the Beach Bum vehicles. When I opened up the dlc.rpf, I was met with the unable to open archive, corrupt file message. This was all good because I was using the mods folder, so I went and grabbed a fresh copy of the Beach dlc.rpf. I edited my stuff, loaded up GTA and found no changes. When I went back to check the dlc.rpf, I saw another corrupt file message. I replaced the dlc.rpf in my mods folder once again with the unmodded Beach dlc.rpf. After dropping the unmodded .rpf into my mods folder for the Beach Bum dlc in x64w.rpf, I decided to test something. I shut down OpenIV, reopened it and checked on the modded .rpf to see if it would open. Just as I had feared, I saw another corrupt file message.



So whenever I put a .rpf in the mpbeach folder in my modded x64w.rpf (\mods\x64w.rpf\dlcpacks\mpbeach), I can edit the .rpf once, but once I either load GTA or close and reopen OpenIV, I see a corrupt file message when I attempt to open up the .rpf.



I just found out, the same thing is happening to me in the mpbusiness2 and mpchristmas folders as well. Any help is appreciated.

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