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Batman Ninja (yes, batman ninja)

chronic lumbago

Recommended Posts

chronic lumbago

Besides Dragon Ball, I'm not the anime type of guy but..




Sweet baby jesus. Look at that Joker and take it all in. If this isn't badass then I don't know what is.


How do you feel about this? It's a brand new take on Batman with a samurai/ninja twist. I had to check my glass to see if someone mixed LSD into my drink after watching this.


I know that there's a DC topic but I feel that this here is quite different and deserves it's own attention. It's unlike anything Batman we've ever seen. It was made by DC and a bunch of japanese people from the anime industry. However, if you think it belongs more into the Justice League discussion, don't hesitate merging this post with that topic.

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I'll watch it , after seeing the new Justice League movie, I'm likening Batman again.

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Leftist Bastard

this is incredibly dumb so it could be fun in that respect but i'm not expecting a good batman story

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chronic lumbago

this is incredibly dumb so it could be fun in that respect but i'm not expecting a good batman story

I agree. It's the wackiest interpretation of a lore I've seen in years. At the same time, it's exactly why this movie is so interesting.
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I won't say a word until after I watch it. Don't want to judge a book by it's cover.

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Spaghetti Cat

Nice, but nothing will ever top the greatness that is Batman meets Godzilla:




The movie opens with Police Commissioner Gordon (Neil Hamilton on the original series) and his daughter Barbara (Craig) taking a well-deserved rest aboard a Far East cruise ship. Gordons in it for business, scouting police facilities in the Orient, while Barbara reunites with her Vassar college chum Reiko Hammamoto. Everythings hunky-dory until an unpredicted tidal wave capsizes the boat. The cause? According to Outerpols Far Eastern Chief, Ito Nagano, its the evil work of Klaus Finster, a German meteorologist who recently emigrated to Japan after 20 years in Argentina. Holed up in a secret lair under Mt. Fuji, Finster claims to have control of the weather, and hell destroy the country unless hes given $20 million in gold (a detail originally written as five million until an editor decided to beef up the stakes). Gordon tells Outerpol there are only two men fit for this job: Batman and Robin.


Turns out that when Finster says he controls the weather, he really means he operates Godzilla like hes the Statue of Liberty in Ghostbusters 2. Upon learning that Batman and Robin are on the case, the evildoer flips a switch that sends Godzilla zipping out of the Mariana Trench. Being a master of robotics, Finster makes sure to greet the duo with an android replacement of their friend Count Draidl, who now has a gun for an eye. After defeating the imposter, Batman and Robin meet up with Gordon and the Japanese police. Batman suspects Godzillas involvement, so they watch clips of his battle with King Kong just to make sure. Yes, this mass destruction does seem to fit the Godzilla profile.


World's greatest detective indeed!
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No Image Available

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Naze son'nani shinken'na nda :lol:


(Google translate for 'why so serious').


It looks dope. Might check it out. Also how long before Samurai Justice League? :pirate:

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