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What Grand Theft Auto Games Have You Completed


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Every Grand Theft Auto from III - BogT, including the underrated Chinatown Wars which most people haven't completed. Didn't feel like completing V because Michael and Trevor are black people.

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So far I've completed:










IV and it's episodes






I'm about halfway through LCS now that I've finally got the motivation to play it, and I soon hope to beat GTA2 sometime in the near future.

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I have completed 100% GTA VC and III

Others(not 100%)are:

GTA San Andreas

GTA LibertyCityStories



I wish to complete GTA VCS but seems like Rockstar is not releasing it for pc or mobile.

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I've completed GTA:SA, the IV dlcs but not IV itself (glitch on the last mission), and i 100 percented V on the 360

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I completed V's story to go with Vice City. Some missions I skipped, which I did not like doing, but some were ridiculous.

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San Andreas, IV, III, VC, V and TLAD.

I din't finished Advance, TBoGT, LCS and VCS

And, i never played, GTA, London 61' & 69', GTA 2, and CW.

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I Remember vaguely beating GTA 4 with my dad, then i think i beat Chinatown wars, and only a week ago i beat GTA III

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I completed vanilla gta iv and san andreas 10 times each. I completed gta 3, vice city, tlad, tbogt, and gta v only once each.

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Arrows to Athens

Grand Theft Auto IV


Grand Theft Auto TBOGT


Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

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Gta Sa Andreas: My favorite game of all the Gta series, and still is.


Gta4: what an splendid ride that was, specially the online zombie play.


Gta5: Kind of didn't wanted to finish it but I did at the end, like the online game play better.

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San Andreas

Liberty City Stories

Vice City Stories


The Lost and Dammed

The Balled of Gay Tony


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Hmmm nice bike

I've completed every 3D and HD era game (including Chinatown Wars). I own GTA 1 and 2, but never got around to finishing the stories for either. If I have a bit more free time in the future, maybe I'll hook up the old PS1 and try to play them again and go through more missions. And as far as the London games and GTA Advance goes, I've never even played those.


Out of all of those, Vice City is probably the one I've completed the most. That one's easily my favorite classic GTA, and during my summer breaks I'd always get back on it and do another playthrough.

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All of them,beat GTA 1, 2, London as a kid, got ps2 played 3, Vice City, San Andreas(those damn flying missions), won a PSP from school and bought VCS and LCS, Chinatown Wars Years later, PS3 GTA 4 LaD TBOGT(my favorite), PS4 GTA 5, found my old GameBoy and just my luck found GTA Advance at a pawn shop(can't say I had fun playing it but I beat it lol)

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