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Alex's Fan Art Garage

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Whatup my dudes


I tried to make a couple of GTA 2 cars in 3D a few years ago but as any artist looking back on their old work I would say that old stuff is garbage so armed with new skills and a new username I'm starting over with the car redesigns.


The GTA 2 sprites especially the early Ray Larabie ones have a really unique styling that I'm drawn to especially since we don't know what most of the cars look like in 3D.


Be aware that I'm using the sprites as a rough guide rather than trying to accurately recreate them so I'm using a lot of artistic libety


Hope you enjoy taking a peek :colgate:


I'll start squishing the main post down to a couple of images as I add more various vehicles.


GTA 2 Rumbler






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Started a Hachura blockout






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Hey guys and gals! Happy new year to all, I know its been a while but I have completed another GTA 2 car, here's the GTA 2 B-Type :) 

Taxi X-Press version coming soon!










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This is so impressive, i know a thing or two about 3D modeling and i can see the level of difficulty you are having here to do these cars. props to you ! 

Which software do you use ? Seems that these renders are very very heavy, wont surprise me if they took days to get ready. The textures also looks imported or done like outside of the software. 

If i was in your place i can say i would take in the minimum 3 months to achieve the same polygon quality, without the textures in the way i currently do. Maybe i need a new software i dont know

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