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EndGame Stock Questions *minor spoilers*

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Ok, so I just finished The Big Score (Subtle) and have saved just before Devin Westin shows up at Franklin's and I have to make my choice about which finale to choose.


I plan to go with Option C - Deathwish.


I am still waiting for FlyUs to bounce back and make me a profit after Meltdown.


I bought it fairly late in the game (just after Minor Turbulence)), so I certainly did not purchase it at its lowest.


Also, it has not been very long since passing Meltdown, maybe a few days.


Will my return on FlyUs eventually climb into the positive returns?


This situation makes me wary of investing in Stocks that will be affected by my chosen finale.


It (a guide I am using) says that Cluckin Bell decreases in value after The Paleto Score and a increases back to its original value after the Third Way.


It's been a relative while since I completed the Paleto Score - is there any point in buying Cluckin Bell stick now for after The Third Way?


It then says that Gruppe Sachs will decrease in value after The Big Score (Subtle) and return to its original value after Deathwish.


Does this happen right away?


Is it worth investing now just before Finale time?


Thirdly, it says that Augury Insurance will double in value after Third Way, guaranteed, so should I invest the most in that stock?


My next question is this - should I even be bothering with any of these paltry little stock deals knowing that I have forty-ish million coming to each character after the finale?


Which I am then going to flip into much more after doing my last two assassination missions?


I am actually now regretting doing the multi target assassination before end game, as the return on that was ENORMOUS.


I am beginning to think that my EndGame net profit will be much less without having that mission as part of my profit increasing scheme.


As of right now, my three characters each have between 2 and 2.5 million.


Should I blow all of that money on Cluckin Bell / Gruppe Sachs / Augury stock and then add that to my post finale payout which I will use as my base for my Assassination Missions bankroll?


Am I terribly overthinking all this?




Thanks in advance for any answers!

Edited by FilthyLittleGod

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this is overthinking indeed, are you even able to enjoy the ride in game?

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