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215 Mafia [Zone]

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Hello, I am founder of the Crew "215 Mafia Mob" | I've had the crew for quite some time and I'm looking to recruit.


I have a discord server already locked and loaded and ready for our crew. I will pay out every recruit 50% of the Pacific Standard Heist every week as a pay and sometimes if you ask me and I'm free I'll happily do the heist a couple times and give you a payout! I want my Mafia crew members to be secured with money, and a good GTA experience.


What we will do as a crew:


Host gang wars.

Host car meet ups.

Host gang brawls.

And just have fun.



  • No noobs. I know some people get GTA everyday but i don't think i can raise a level 10 to be a GTA expert/survival killer.
  • A high end apartment, and a couple cars. (Depends) If you don't have weaponize car, plane, or a business. We will get you one.
  • Every recruit stands trial, for loyalty, and to get to know them as a person. I don't want no freaky weirdos in my crew.


I want our crew to be around for a very long time.


  • NO outfit policy, express yourself


What I'm looking for in ranks:

  • Boss: Which is me
  • Under-boss: Partners to help me run this crew. x3 PAY PER WEEK
  • Heist runners: Run the heist to payout crew members. (We also pay you out 50% and you get 25% cut each heist) x2 PAY PER WEEK
  • Crew members: People in our crew, friendly members. x1 PAY PER WEEK

50% PAY OUT: 650,000 GTA $$$$$



Not including damage money loss due to heist!





Message me or Message me on discord @SPGames#4105



Little about myself:


I'm a female, 19, if you're disgusting i don't like you.


I have everything I need to run a crew. I have every business, All of the weaponized cars, 5 High end apartments, 60 car garage, An office, Many cars, planes, helicopters etc. I have an MC, and I'm a CEO and a Hanger. I have 400 MILL worth of things.

Edited by 215Mafia

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


Please can you add your Social Club Crew link and platform, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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