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Your favorite employers in the gta series?


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My favourite employers in the entire gta series (excluding 2d universe, Mobile GTAs, and Online) are:

GTA III: Joey Leone and 8-ball. (the most respectful to you and the best missions, Van heist (original and fun) and Bomb da base act ii (simply put, epic).

GTA Vice City: Colenel Juan Garcia Cortez and Avery Carrington. (The most respectful mission bosses in the whole game. (The best missions too. Guardian angels and Demolition man).

GTA San Andreas: Cesar Vialpando. (Always loyal.)

GTA IV: Mikhail Faustin (Epic dialogue.), Packie McReary (loyal. his heists were the best and most fun missions in the game.) And Phil Bell (Genuinely respectful.)

TLAD: Jim Fitzgerald. (The only trustworthy Lost MC member besides Terry and Clay, deserved a far better death.

TBOGT: Yusuf Amir (Epic missions, Sexy time, Caught with your pants down, For the man who has everything.

GTA V: Lamar Davis (funny dialogue, would have been a better protagonist than franklin in my opinion.)

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The Well Stacked Pizza Co.

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slimeball supreme

i would say the well stacked pizza co myself but due to wage related reasons i can't in good conscience nominate them. instead, id personally vouch for either joe's pizza (the man has good connections to liberty city unions) or the punk noodles company due to their reliance on worker guidelines and their great service, among other things

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Sge6QaD.png yURtluV.png

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Algonquin Assassin

The U.L Paper contact because he's so mysterious and shady. I also liked Phil Cassidy in Vice City and Mitch Baker.

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Salvatore Leone (both III and Lcs).

Packie McReary (all the heists they pull together was fun).

Big Smoke

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Naughtius Maximus

I'm gonna try excluding the ones that feel more like friends rather than employers...


Phil Bell (IV): I like the dynamic between him and Niko. Also Phil spouting paranoia and Niko brushing him off is generally amusing.

Donald Love (III): He seems like the only person who figures out Claude all along: "Experience has taught me that a man like you can be very loyal for the right price..."

Dimitri Rascalov (IV): Well, until he betrays Niko.

U.L Paper Guy (IV): Like Algonquin Assassin said, he has that shady aura and gotta love them sarcastic dialogue exchanges between him and Niko.

Liz Torres (IV & TLAD): As much as she is fierce, she also can be cool too.

Tom Stubbs (TLAD): He is like Donald Love with a less fancier language, but pretty outspoken at the same level. As close as two men can be, Johnny Boy saw his Johnson... what else...

Colonel Cortez (VC): Cortez is the one of the few people, who was serious yet friendly, Tommy works with.

Umberto Robina (VC & VCS): Obsessed with cojones, and he comes along as a greater comic relief in Vice City Stories.

JD O'Toole (LCS): He is almost like the Liberty City Stories version of Umberto... in terms of the amount of comedy he provides.

Francis McReary (IV): I love how hard he tries to convince Niko to do his dirty laundry with inspirational bullsh*t but Niko eventually makes him bump his payment LOL.

Jon Gravelli (IV): Despite being nailed on his deathbed, Gravelli still manages to draw the picture of an iron-fisted mob boss and he and Niko share some interesting dialogues such as:



Gravelli: People are so damn vain.

Niko: Some people.

Gravelli: All people. Even you, even me, an old man facing the end... and I still care, care how I look, care that when I sh*t myself, the pretty nurse has to clean it up... it's ridiculous.

Niko: Yeah, well uh... you know...

Gravelli: And I care about my legacy. I've worked hard for this, this line of work. Now, some Russian assholes think they can march in and take control of rackets my family has run for fifty years.

Niko: You mean fifty years of you bleeding the city dry might finally come to an end?




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  • 3 months later...

I do like Donald Love's cold but still appreciative attitude also Salvatore form LCS was great

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  • 3 weeks later...

Avery Carrington and Asuka Kasen in 3D era. In HD era probably Elizabeth Torres or Jon Gravelli

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