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The Weekly Vehicle Showdown Week 27

The Weekly Vehicle Showdown  

39 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will come out on top this week?

    • Annis Elegy Retro Custom
    • P996 Lazer

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Welcome to the 27th week of a forum game called the Weekly Vehicle Showdown. In this game, vehicles face off against each other in a forum poll. At the end of the week, the winner is crowned. The reign is short lived however, the following week, a random vehicle will be selected
to face off against the current champion. We will keep going until we cover every vehicle in GTA V and GTA Online, and have one overall champion. In the thread feel free to
discuss the positives and negatives of each vehicle, your opinions, facts, videos, pictures, whatever you like to strengthen your argument for why the vehicle you are voting
for deserves to win, and the other does not.


If you post mulitiple photos or videos of any vehicle, use spoiler tags.
Do not go off topic. Discuss only the vehicles being voted on.
Be respectful of other peoples opinions.
Do not cheat; creating multiple accounts to vote, etc.
Do not vote based on the photos in the OP.
This is not a Snapmatic competition.

Have fun!




Annis Elegy Retro Custom

The Reigning Champion





A legend rises from the ashes of a time

gone past. Long ago one import ruled the streets

and it has returned to redeem it's crown. One of the

most loved cars of yesteryear exploded back onto the

scene and became an instant favorite but can it be

the favorite this week?







P996 Lazer




The oldest trick on the block, the Lazer has been terrorizing Los Santos

for years. Recently an influx of back ordered models has made their way

on to the websites from hell at a steep cost, but the people that really

pay are those whom cannot afford their own. Can this old dog learn

a new trick? Can it beat out the champion?



May the best vehicle win.

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Lol i don't think any other vehicle is gonna surpass the Elegy Retro Custom at this point :D

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1. I own an Elegy Custom and I love it.

2. Id rather take a Hydra over a Lazer anyday.

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Holy sh*t, is the Retro Elegy STILL at the top?! At this point I feel people would be happy with GTA 6 having only that one car.

Retro Elegy versus Retro Elegy will come full circle.

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Uncle Sikee Atric

I could think of a few vehicles that may trump the champ, but they ain't appeared yet.

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