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Robbing the Casino

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This is my last mission in my whole DYOM carrer. We are the Navy veterans and the main objective, is to rob the popular Caligula's place. I placed lot of enemies, so there will be big shootout in the bank, timeouts and countdowns.

Little BIO about myself: I started to do missions in 2012 which some of them gained little popularity [channel. Mikolajek451 on YouTube] and now [2012-2017] i started to losing ideas about new missions, because nothing new is added. So i decided, to end my carrer - i will still record missions, that you can send me on my YT channel but also, thank you my friends and respectlist for positive ratings on the missions, and everything. Thank you for good time, i was very happy when i made the missions for nearly 5 years.

Also, read mission intro text please for more info.



I'm gonna still make awards for Polish ppl in the DYOM, and record mission that people will send me. Maybe remake's will show up from the old missions, but thats 15% because i'm bored with DYOM without any new features. Anyway - download the mission at:





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Nuddle King

Who Are You?

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Who Are You?


That's easy question. I'm the most popular DYOM creator from Poland. My missions was done in Polish language and gained alot of popularity, such as the "funny" missions and kind of normal and action missions. I'm friend with Ok1wwa and lot of other popular Polish dyomers. Check out ,,Skadryl'' channel, he's like 2nd AznKei but for Polish YouTubers, and here i will show you my most popular missions [funny, and normal] [first guy to use storyline audio in Polish dyom history]


[That mission is b***it] its that funny mission made by me. 3K views yooooo

[Four Dragons and Woozie's problems] it was based in Las Venturas, and it was kinda haotic[idk how to spell that word :D] because it had like epic sniper rifelers what actually killed player by one headshot. I added there some RPG's and everyone was enjoying hte mission.

[Ryder is alive] 2.5k views - it was about Ryder surviving the Pier 69 attack.

[Destroy the Illuminati] - mission about some guys who wanted to destroy the Illuminati cult that had taken Area 69. There's lot of "clones" words and the characters are cloned - its based to [maybe] real look-alike cloning, what Illuminati people do to the famous celebrites [ye i watch that shizz]

[Heist: Small store in Blueberry] - it was heist mission, again first Mission with missionaudio in Polish community.



Now, for some english missions:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qce8ZgCsZzc [most popular one in San Vice mod - 500k wow!] it wasn't well build, because it had lot of enemies and basicly no further action and dialog mishaps - year 2013-2014 was my worst year, because i was learning DYOM still.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwaOx5wYlCY&t=32s - My first ever DYOM mission - same description as San Vice had, not well build and gang war and small ammount of objectives. But now it was placed in San Andreas, gang war between Grove and Ballas

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrfFcyi1xAQ - intro for James Houston storyline which i never completed - just was bored.


And for final thing - DYOM Polish Mission Awards [first edition] stream what taken place on YouTube - lot of polish dyomers gathered on the stream and they won the awards for ,,Best award show mission'' or ,,Best dyom polish mission'' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL0q6n4GzGk&t=1190s



That's what i can say about me. I wasn't really created mission for English ppl, because im not English at all just Polish, and i wanted [and i completed that quest] that from 15% ppl from Poland that was making missions on DYOM, it gone up to like 50, 60%.

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Whoa! He just asked who are you ? not biopic! lol

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Nuddle King


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Whoa! He just asked who are you ? not biopic! lol




I just have long mouth sorry :D

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