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[MP] San Fierro Auto 4: Downfall


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Eddy4312 Presents You,A New Mission Pack






Before you even plan to read the story and download,please be warned that San Fierro Auto series which contain 3 MP to need play and understand the story,If you don't play yet 3 mission pack,then links will be below this.If you have played 3 of them,you may continue to scroll down this topic.

SFA - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/36548

SFA2 - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/43265

SFA3:TPOY - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44275

Notes:Play 3 these mission pack by follow this pattern below.

SFA3 -) SFA -) SFA2




Erich Kühn is son of Hans Kühn which is served in Vice City Army for 3 years.He and his team fought with SF State Army against rebels during San Fierro Civil War which happen in 1998-1999.He later killed by sniper when he and his friend,Jake Jones retreat back to LV.Hans gives his jounal of his final days in civil war to Jake and give it to Erich.

Later in November 2015,San Fierro,Erich get a phone call from Jake about his father's death.Erich planned to SF to find his father's killer.






Erich Kühn

Half German and US citizen,calm and serious.Always find his way to find his father's killer no matter what.



Moved to SF for his job tranfer.He don't like killing but always bring a gun in case of danger



Friend of Mike,who killed by Rifa member.His goal is find Rifa leader,Diego to get his revenge.He served in VC Army less a year before retired


Johnny 'JB' Smith

Owner of Otto's Auto,after his friend left to Vice City.He and Michelle work together to get money for living.



Works as mechanic at her shop.Work together with JB.


Jake Jones

Erich's father's friend,he served VC Army,retired with rank captain.





Chapter 1:Here

Chapter 2:Here


PatrickW and Dutchy3010 for creating this mod,Design Your Own Mission

Pledge of Chaos for designing the well-made logo and headers.

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Is there Will be SFA5?

No,it's will not be SFA5 after this.

This is would be last San Fierro Auto MP in series.

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The sequel!! The Series are back!!

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And yes,I know. SFA4 Chapter 2 is delayed for long time.

And no,I am NOT planning to cancel this mission pack.

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Chapter 2 is finally released in Google Drive

And later in DYOM website.


Link to download here



Also available in DYOM Website now

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