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San Andreas State Patrol (XB1) **Realest Police Work On Console?**


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Thanks for clicking! I am constructing a group of 12-18 Police role players that are interested in trying something new;- On this job, some nights may be slow, some nights might get so crazy the situation gets out of hand. As an officer on this department, it is guaranteed that you will be very know for sure what each shift is going to compile of. A uniform, weapon loadout, Dispatch System, offline communications system, and more, will make this a well rounded start to something new in GTA.


New? You gotta be kidding me! In GTA?

Yes, Im GTA 5 online and, no, I am not kidding. Let me explain. I am Blacksheep from the YouTube channel, Blacksheep TV and I have been developing a staff for my events system for almost three months. Once I began nearing the end of development of this staff structure, I realized with simply a couple slight tweaks, we could make this something much larger. So for the past few weeks I have been putting in the work to finalize this thing and here is what I have....


I will have a small force of players dressed and armed as Troopers at all of my events starting soon due to instabilities in the community. These people are not there to pull over people that are having a good time;- instead, the Department will be there to protect the well being of the events, ensuring that they progress forward. In addition to live instabilities that can erupt at anytime like shootouts, assault of Police, and plenty more, this is just the beginning. Each person in department will have access to an online information center that we call Dispatch. There you will find a plethora of information including every XBL/PS4 player that has conducted mishaps in the past, what those mishaps were, when they happened, any punishment that player has server and/or is currently serving, any players that are banned from events and are to be halted upon incoming to an event lobby, people that need to actually be served their punishments due to behavior, and much much more. This gives each Officer valuable knowledge of who they are dealing with without having to contact anyone for information. There is a lot that goes into this job and on top of this, I will need another division in the future that can assist with admin/moderation on certain aspects. It is the BTV YouTube channel that makes this a reality and makes this possible. How hectic does it get? As I said, sometimes events are smooth with little to no issue where you can sit and watch the action or watch a movie in your squad car, othertimes something happens that takes me away from the action for some time due to everything going crazy. Training people to handle situations to where these event goers can continue to have fun, while the Police role-players are also having fun is a complete win win. Although this is definitely still Role Play without a doubt, this is the closest thing to real police work in GTA 5 without a designated RP community or a PC mod that I have ever heard of!


You may think that with RPGs and explosive ammunition that you stand no chance of things go arry and I have already covered my Department well by rekindling connections with some old friends that now are serving for the NOOSE Anti Gang Unit and they will bring in the Federal equipment to support you more than you need.


Thats what we do on BTV, break down new barriers everyday! Join the Department today!



(SASP) San Andreas State Patrol (State Jurisdiction)

You will be put through some tests to see if you can meet the standards expected from someone on the job. If you meet those standards and there is room for you, you will be set up with uniform and equipment to begin on the force as a Cadet rank and you will have the opportunity to move up numerous ranks depending on how much responsibility you can handle and how active your are.






(Professional grade crew emblem will be up within 48 hours so do not judge the crew emblem)(I am a dedicated 26 year old GTA enthusiast but more importantly, a GTA YouTuber with a fair subscription base piling up and the events need this NOW more than ever due to a major issue that has arisen.


I will be meeting up with interested players at times I can make happen. Please request your invite to BTV State Patrol crew on SocialClub @ https://socialclub.r...v_state_patrol_



Message me on SocialClub @ BlacksheepTV to further your opportunities of becoming one of the first ones on the force. I will need a one or two older intellectual people for this so if you know someone that fits the bill, lets make it happen! This is XB1 for now but will also be PS4 as we move forward into the future.


Thanks for reading,


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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


Please can you add your Social Club Crew link, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.




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