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What will be the big ticket Online items?


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What are the items that are going to monetise RDR2?


In GTAOnline, people buy sharkcards to purchase cars, helicopters, planes, yachts, weaponised vehicles, businesses and research.


Its hard to see any of those translating to RDR2. Maybe businesses? Maybe research?


What do you think Rockstar are going to put in the game to get people to drop $100 of real world money into.


Alternatively - if like me, you cant see the GTAOnline model working for RDR2 (a stable of horses just as snt as appealing as a garage of cars) how do you think Rockstar will manage MXTs in RDROnline?

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I think the GTA Online model would work fine for Red Dead. Expand on the freeroam. A big complaint was that there are so many loading screens. Get more activities within one world, more people and you've already got a decent online experience. When it comes to monetizing it, they surely have thought of something. This game has been in development for years and I bet they got a whole lot of people to brainstorm about those kind of things.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Personal Armored stagecoach taxi with a gatlin gun for protection

This is probably pretty likely all things considered.

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Businesses are the only thing I can really think of but there has to be more than that. The whole point of buying a business is to grind out money so you can buy the real big ticket items. I can't see myself being so picky about my horse, guns, or safehouse that I'm gonna drain the bank account for better ones.

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set your claims, get your square metres etc.

I can see this happening. Buy a field with a house/barn on.


You have the option to grow things to sell (moonshine)


Animals to care for and get product from to sell


Side free roam missions will include protecting your land and products from other animals & thief's



So all in all, GTA O businesses set 120 years ago but with more freedom in your land

Edited by B_E_N_1992
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I also think businesses, property ownership, land grab scenarios..


The new griefers will be the ones raiding your saloon and killing all your whores so you'll have to go around the map snatching new ones. Or you can buy them in bulk of 10 straight from the harbor for a shark card chestful of gold.


It's true that property ownership in GTA Online exists in part as means to an end in the sense that they generate revenue so that you can buy more fancy stuff. Thinking about the old west, it's hard to think of anything worthy of grinding when you've got a good gun, a good horse and a safehouse.


But maybe the answer could be customization? That would keep me involved at least. Make my property feel and look like my property and not like anyone else's for example.


I don't know.. but I'm certain R* will have come up with something that'll make us want to throw our wallets straight in their face.

Edited by Dr.Rosenthal
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  • 2 weeks later...

As you said there isn't much to implement into online, there wasn't that much during the wild west especially during that time. this leads me to believe that SP will be the main focus and thats what R* will most likely profit off of.

Edited by Safari
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