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Cj’s son?

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I know a lot of people say that gta v and San Andreas is in different universes but it would make since if franklin was his son and the reason he as has a different last name is because cj either left or died before franklin was born I mean their are all kinds of Easter eggs from San Andreas in gta v so all bets are on the table and I mean pakie mcreary from gtaIV is in gta v so is it really that far fetched

Edited by Vividwhelp

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You do know that gta iv and gta v take place in the same universe right? Having a dad being Carl Johnson would not have been kept quiet you can't just forget about one of the most dangerous gangsters and co leader of having the largest gangs in Los Santos in Los Santos in the 90s Franklin was already 4 years old by the time of 1992 where gta sa takes place why would cj be dead or leave when his son is already 4? Franklin would be Franklin Johnson cj didn't have any serious relationships we know about until 1992 so no fan made theory of what he did in 1988 is not true cj would have to die somewhere in 1988



In real life that would be like you having the name "Johnathan Campell" And you didn't have any serious relationship with a woman of having any kind child until 2017 And somebody is trying to make the theory that a kid that was born in 2013 with a name like "Eddie Turner " Is suppose to be your son and the both of you live in two different states and his aunt takes care of him and you're no where in the same family tree as this mysterious family

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I have no idea what you just said. Either way, the characters of Carl and Franklin could not be more different. Their only similarity? They're both black.

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They aren't sons lmfao

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I could have sworn I'd already locked this once. I hope it wasn't re-opened because it was assumed there was actually a discussion to be had here.

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