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how can i add weapon text macros to sanny builder?


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how can i add weapon macros instead of putting weapon number when i dig in weaponconfig.dat for gta underground, I only fine just customize only variables.ini and others but no weapon text to sanny builder, i add it to the dictionary for gta underground with more models, this list give me just the SA ones how can i add it?



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Just use weapon numbers. Don't make things harder for your self. Weapon numbers are easier.

I did the weapon numbers for the mission for underground like if i want to give an actor a non-SA weapon i have config how to add new weapon names and ID number like custom global vars - well I end up looking at the notepad when i paste loaded weapons models and numbers - //195, it's takes me a slow time than SA weapon full names without just only number, if have to make VC_ruger and ID for example


actor.giveweaponandammo([email protected], VC_ruger, 99999) instead of this actor.giveweaponandammo([email protected], 195, 99999) when i test the mission some guns that are deadly just easily kill me than nomral if I fix or edit something for actor spawner or missions.


It's just what i did in vice city version, weapons number.

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If some weapons kill you easier than others, the weapon.dat was edited


The weapon.dat should show the weapons listed too. Just look there.

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i can edited weapon.dat but i just want the weapons to keep the same weapon status execpt miniguns and explosives , only lower it down to 50 or 100 mostly minigun

Edited by skatefilter5
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