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[PS4] Safe Sessions Friendly Mature Crew - LWU


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Hi everyone

Lone Wolf's Union is a [PS4] friendly crew that aims to create friendly lobbies between mature people.

We are looking for members that are tired of playing with public chaotic sessions and just want to have safe and friendly group of players to play with. Yes there are other crews like this however we aim to achieve a more organized and protected environment.


-Easier lobby access using Session Master feature, so you can jump right away to a crew lobbie without the need to search.

-Better members control without the need to violate their privacy.

-Defensive squad, leaded by our crew Generals, to protect you from randoms trying to grief

-Supervised session by our Session Masters. To keep lobbies very functional and organized.


Our recrutment process is very simple. All you need to do is create a discord account, using your ps4 webrower/chrome/mobile phone. Since we rely on discord to manage our crew, our application process is very simple. We dont ask to private information, like age (anyone can lie about anyway), change your private settings of fulfill a document.

To Join us just follow this simple steps.:

- [Click here] to open our recruitment discord.

- If you dont have a discord account, create one in a 30 seconds process. If you already have one, accept the invite and join our discord page. *(We advise you to create a discord account with the same name as your psn, if your discord account has already diferent name its fine aswell)*

- Read the crew introduction and rules and then proceed to "application-request" channel and write your application. You can find all information need inside our discord.

-Once you are accepted you will receive an invite to our main discord server, once you accept it you will be invited to the crew.

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