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Few Questions Re: Heists, Properties, Stock Market, Assassination Missions, & Cars

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1. Is it really impossible to make a single dollar off the second Heist, the one with the sub and the helicopter and the offshore diving / ship assault?


2. I just did the Hotel Assassination. BIL stock was at 68 dollars a share when I bought it up, after having sold all my BET stock, (I think I probably could have gotten BIL a bit lower, pretty sure I messed up my timing a little bit), waited what seemed like more than a week and a half than a week (again, I think I messed up my timing), and sold it all at just over 125 dollars a share (I think about an 83 percent increase). However, what I am curious about is this statement from the Assassinations / Stock Market guide I am using:


NOTE: The following information on Bilkington Pharmaceuticals applies only to players on PS3 / Xbox 360. The market values of the Hotel Assassination have been severely reduced in the PS4 / XB1 edititions.



What exactly does that statement mean? Also, just earlier in the guide, it mentions that BIL shares can go up to over 200 dollars a share. Is the fact that I was only able to get them to go from 68 to 125ish dollars what is being referenced in the bit I quoted from the guide?


3. Why buy properties? What do they do? Do they give you extra missions? Do you only need them for 100 percent / trophies?


4. Are any vehicles worth upgrading other than the default one(s) that each character is given? Won't any other vehicle disappear? Is there a way to directly purchase vehicles? Will vehicles you have placed in any given garage reappear if lost or destroyed or abandoned the way the personal vehicles do?


5. The Assassination Stock Market guide says that I should now put off doing anymore of the Assassination missions until after I have completed the main storyline. Do you guys agree, and, why or why not? My characters each have now between 200,000 and 600,000 dollars. Each has every weapon yet available fully upgraded and a bunch of clothes. I only own a couple properties and have done zero vehicle modding yet.


Thanks in advance for any answers!

Edited by FilthyLittleGod

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1. As far as I know there is no way to earn any money from the heist.


2. Dunno, I haven't played the next gen version.


3. They give you ability to complete endless missions, earn cash and two achievements (for taxi company and McKenzie Airport). Other than than they are extremely useless as most of the missions are just errands and the cash is just a chump change. On the old gen they used to block all the time, not calling at all. I'm not sure if that issue was fixed though.


4. Vehicles other than personal ones, disappear at every occasion and there is no point in upgrading them unless you really want. Vehicle taken from the garage won't appear again if it was destroyed.


5. The hint allows you to earn so much cash you may buy everything and still call yourself rich. After the end of the game characters should end with around 1.6 billion dollars each if all assassinations were completed after the last heist.

Edited by Tycek

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Thank you so much!

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So I think I gave you my opinion on saving the assassination missions till last on your other thread (so I won't repeat myself there - but I wouldn't bother!).


What I would say, to answer your question 3, is that if you haven't already done so, you should buy the taxi company. That's the one property (in addition to McKenzie Field Hanger, which I assume you've already bought) that gives you nine unique side missions with new characters and dialogue. None of them are very long (about the same length as a 'random' encounter) but a couple are quite amusing, you can make a bit of cash and one even earns you a new booty call!

They trigger when you're playing with Franklin semi-randomly (you'll receive a phone call) and never more than once a day.


The other cheaper properties (Tequila-la, Hen House etc.) just offer very generic 'Drive Truck from A to B within Time X', random shootout or chase missions that I tended to find more of a chore than enjoyable.


The golf course gets you nothing but free golf and the ability to play wearing whatever you want.



Oh, and yeah - the Merriweather heist earns you Sweet FA, regardless of how you approach it.

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This covers both original and next-gen

I use it on both versions of the game, ended up with more money than I could spend both times




Not sure about the total on the original but this last play through on next gen I ended up with 1B 800M...


And that was without completing the hitch lift mission

I did try to complete it making the investment as they instructed but I guess that amount of money glitches the game and it put me up back to zero on everyone, so I simply rolled back my save and opted not to do that one


Even after purchasing every property and every luxurious plane, chopper, warstock vehicle, and car...

I still have a ton of money


Regarding the 2nd heist

The only way that I know of to make money is by the stock market but I can't remember the investment

I think it was Meriwether stock

But I definitely remember i blew up the ship

...but the return was not as much as I'd hoped for



Regarding the car question...


After you purchase the Los Santos customs with Franklin all your car upgrades are free

Take advantage of the 4 car garages that each character gets here you will be able to upgrade cars that you can park in there and they won't disappear


However if you take them out and leave them on the road they will end up at the impound

But it's only 200 to get them out

If you use them on a mission that makes you take a different vehicle once again it should end up in the impound


However if you blow them up or destroy them they are gone forever


You can even use Franklin's Los Santos customs to upgrade cars for Michael and Trevor for free


This can be done by driving by the Los Santos customs near Sandy Shores


Then stay in the car


Then switching to Franklin quickly calling a cab and driving to the Los Santos customs in Sandy Shores but put the marker about a block away

use the trip skip


Exit the cab and then switch back to either Michael or Trevor

Then exit the car and make sure Michael or Trevor walks around the side of a building so they won't engage Franklin for a hang out when he shows up


Jump in the car driving to LS customs and modify it then drive back out park it on the street and move Franklin quite a distance away


Then switch back to Michael or Trevor jump back in the vehicle and then go park it in your 4 car garage


Also you can even upgrade Amanda and Tracy's cars

Once upgraded they will remain that way for the rest of the game


If this doesn't really make sense I'll try to make a video showing what I'm referring to


One last tip about cars

Franklin's original house has a garage that can be used even after he moves

You can store one car and one bike in that garage I had a set in there and they stay the entire length of the game


Trevor's Garage in Sandy Shores and his other locations have issues with storing car so I opted not to do it with him

I only use the 4 car garage for Trevor's vehicles

Edited by Deadman2112

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A little semi-off topic, or at least off the beaten path, I played through GTA V on my PS3 before both the next gen and PC versions came out, and I have to say that one of my complaints about the game is that when you color in the lines, and don't use any money cheats, the Assassination Mission/Stock Market manipulation is a terrible way to end such an awesome story. It is anticlimactic and absurdly tedious, to come down off the fantastic excitement of The Third Way and the Big Score and then spend a half hour or an hour doing nothing but the one mission at a team, each with long, dragged out rinse and repeat tasks until you have a few billion dollars and can buy the Golf Course and the other expensive theaters.


Not only that, but all the fun of the assassination missions is lost since you can only do one, then go through the laundry list of investment, character switching, sleeping X amount of hours, then switching AGAIN to each characters so you can cash out the stocks and only then start the next Assassination mission.


When I bought the PC version, and started fooling around with mods, I just snagged a save editor and Native Trainer, and every single PC save I was able to enjoy the game a whole lot more by just using the save editor to add the needed money for the Golf Course and the expensive theaters into Michael's account, and I just did all the missions in the game as I wanted to.


I have to say I enjoyed ALL my playthroughs a lot more this way, on the PC. If I were to buy the game on the PS4/XBOne, or for some reason play again on my PS3, I would probably just use money cheats so as not to have to go through that ridiculous stock market crap again.

Edited by ChiroVette

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I agree with what you brought up about having those missions to be done after the fact

But in all honesty I think that those missions were more for the truly dedicated players that were willing to go the extra mile for the game in the first place


Edited by Deadman2112

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I agree with what you brought up about having those missions to be done after the fact

But in all honesty I think that those missions were more for the truly dedicated players that were willing to go the extra mile for the game in the first place



I actually enjoy the Assassination missions. I think they also add a nice dimension to the storyline of V, that is a sort of reminiscent nod to the Assassination Missions from Vice City that you get started on with the cell phone you steal from Leo. I also think its a nice touch that most of the missions Lester gives Franklin are by way of a payphone, also similar to VC.

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Free Upgrades...

I just grab a random truck for this..

Grand Theft Auto V free car upgrades / single pla:


Extra car storage with Franklin...

Grand Theft Auto V car storage at Franklins origi:

Edited by Deadman2112

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