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Red County - area located outside the Los Santos in the State of San Andreas. Region filled with crime, degeneration and overall corruption. Place which is treated as a playground by many thugs, thieves and dregs of society. The place where OUTLAWS' history begins. You are playing as Lucas - a young male, fresh member of the clique pretending to be one of the most dangerous gangsters known in San Andreas. The way of obtaining this goal is filled with many difficulties that obviously have to be faced by this young individual. He doesn't really know much about life, trying to get himself on the top by performing illegal actions which indeed, lead him to the bottom. Every step he makes, provides him with new enemies to face. Every single member has his own story that may easily derange the plans of the crew. Explosions, shootouts connected with personal stories of the most important characters. Your main goal is to make OUTLAWS the most dangerous gang in the state. Started from the bottom, now we're here.

could have written more if i were a native speaker, for now it has to be enough :x



list may extend in future



Lucas (player) - young, slim kid. The youngest member of the crew trying to become as successful as his older friends. Pretty polite and calm.

Travis - local psychopath focused on getting what he wants. Unpredictable forty-year-old jackass. Usually, doesn't give a single f*ck about anything.

Henry - leader of the group. Artful, reasonable and observant. He deprecates Lucas liking him in the same time.

Frank - well-built, short rookie. He is more experienced than Lucas, but isn't involved in more challenging actions.




First missions doesn't involve much action, however I will be grateful if you play them. They are focused on explaining the story mainly. There is only one for now (27.11). I'll do my best to upload as often as possible, but you need to know that private life can kick my ass sometimes. This mission is pretty short, but I really wanted to announce this MP in some way. In addition, deadlines may reduce my laziness and sometimes force me to upload. Stay tuned!

THE BEGINNING http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50677


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