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So Bad It's Good

The Time Ranger

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Enter Night of the Lepus, a cheesy 70s horror movie where I sh*t you not, giant mutant rabbits run around and kill people. The worst (or best) part of all is none of it is done for laughs or satire, it plays it completely straight the entire way through. They even tried to hide the rabbits in the original marketing campaign, like they knew they had a bad idea from the get go.


Nevertheless, it's a good "so bad it's good" romp. They try to make the bunnies look menacing (by placing them on miniature sets and slowing the footage down), but it NEVER works.



Edited by Lock n' Stock
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  • 3 months later...

I think my biggest guilty pleasure has to go to Barb Wire.


Not a great film, and I had a big crush on Pamela Anderson as you may guess instantly, lol. Mindless action and a nude Pam. That's all it took. Actually like the feel of the future world it tried too. Good times.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation is a bit of a dud, but I enjoyed how Matthew Mc(can't spell it) seemed to enjoy being a weirdo and chase after Rene Zellwegger around.


On the Buses movies. All 3 of them. Crap Carry On rip offs, but never fails to make me laugh. Absolute gold those. If you like old English sitcoms, this ticks a big box :)

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