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About an unknown problem

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Hi guys! Thank you so much for making this mod! I'm so excited to play is.

However, I have a problem that says "Getprojectversion failed to import"

Once I had a problem that was asked to me to get bass.dll. I fixed, but I have the other problem.

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You probably used an unsupported FLA version. The message and the reason behind it being shown:



In C++, it is possible to export and import functions from another module. In this case it means that for unknown reasons the exported function named "GetProjectVersion" can not be foundn inside the module.


The module being searched is the FLA ASI file.


So, with that said, a few possible reasons for your error:

  • You renamed $fastman92limitAdjuster.asi to something else, so it tries to open $fastman92limitAdjuster.asi (which does not exist) and cannot find the exported function
  • You installed an unsupported FLA version which does not have this function exported. You don't need to install FLA over UG, UG already comes with the latest one.
  • You removed $fastman92limitAdjuster.asi

This error message will be replaced with a more informative one, which will give more information.

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Thank you for the reply! I'm gonna try it.

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Sorry again. I tested another FLA and default featured FLA, but I still have the issue. My GTA version is should be v1 (downgraded from steam). I'm currently installing those files again.

Edited by teturei

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Never mind. I changed another rar archiver, then I could play it. Thank you so much!

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No problem.

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