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Do the Leones have any influence at all on the other islands?

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I remember in LCS Toni did missions for Salvatore in both Staunton and Shoreside Vale (Although I don't remember too much of what it consisted of), and I believe you can own business assets by completing their missions (Car dealership, pizza, etc), technically having those businesses owned by the Leones.


However, in III the Leones are only ever present in Portland, and they don't even bother to check the other islands to even search for Claude, which seems kinda weird imo.


So I'm wondering, do the Leones operate outside of Portland anymore? And if not, what's a reason that'd make sense for them no longer doing so?

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Maybe the Colombians and the other gangs kicked out to the Leones from the other islands around Liberty City. Where they wasn't so stronger, of course except for Portland, more specifically in the Saint Mark's Bistro district because is there where the Leones are more concentrated and the density as influence is higher. Just like San Andreas gang wars.

Edited by gts.

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Great Britain

Another reason could be that, they perhaps found running operations in a tightly controlled area more lucrative as opposed to having tough competition everywhere else.

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I guess they simply lost control over the other islands between 1998 and 2001 for the much stronger Yakuza and Colombian Cartel. As we could see in LCS, Leones weren't even able to control Portland back in 1998 losing the influence for Diablos and Triads, so I guess the process was moving even further. Salvatore was trying to keep his family in power, practically destroying Forellis and Sindacos, but new forces emerged and simply overpowered weakened Leones.

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There's only one time when the leone mafia can be seen beyond portland and it's in the mission Under Surveillance (and even that depends on the version of ghe game you play). It really sucks that in gta 3 you don't interact with them anymore in the storyline but that's because Salvatore is dead.

Edited by stef_92

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Evil empire

It would have been cool to see some Leone hitmen randomly attacking Claude in the whole city but perhaps isn't it possible due to the way GTA 3 works.


In a more lore-friendly way you can ways imagine the Leones are too busy with their rivalry against the Forellis, the cartel and the triads to take care of Claude who's an extremly dangerous foe by the way.

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