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How should I let the mystery ou or should I event? solved 100% A-Z


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So I recently figured it all out, from alpha to omega. Everyone is gonna be sooooo pissed that it took this long and it was so obvious. Anyways I just wanted to know everyone's opinion on how to break the news. The pros and cons and such. Once it's out it's out ya know and the hunts over. I used to think rockstar would be bummed when we figured it out cuz they'd lose all the hype and mystery and maybe less players or something, but it so SOOO obvious that they have to be sh*tting themselves that we haven't. They gave us all the information over and over and we looked right through it. But I think about all these guys making money on YouTube making mystery videos and it's gonna kinda f*ck them right? I mean I guess whoever broke it would gets some big hits but after that what? And if I'm being honest it's kind of a cool feeling being the one out of millions to be in the know. Would you tell anyone? Just a couple friends or everyone? I'm not even sure yet if you can do all things in one game or if you have to replay through to get each prize and ending so if I don't tell it still might be a month or so before I've had time to see it all. I'm sure people will say I'm lying and I'm not here to convince anyone of that so think what you want. As a matter of fact assume I'm lying and just answer as a hypothetical.. If you knew the secret how would you tell and how or if not then why?

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If you have the answer then I suggest you spend the next month testing your theory's, document everything that leads you up to it write a step by step guide add video/photos of key points and the rewards you expect to find, a theory is still a theory until it is tested, and you will still get doubters until someone recreates your findings that is just the nature of things, also with mods etc video is not proof it will need more than 1 person to have the same result.

I would not worry in the slightest about upsetting you tubers as to be honest most of them are click bait videos, Mentioning no names, and do not worry they will find a way to make 16 videos each using your work.

And the true hunters are at a stand still so I am sure they will not mind at all.

If you have not already I suggest you read through the mysteries thread and see if anyone has had similar ideas to you and maybe collaborate with them.

I would certainly tell people but I would make sure that it was airtight and tested by you first.

Then as suggested above make your own you tube video because if you are correct you will deserve the fame + attention.

I am sure Rstar if there is something left to find will be glad it is found and a lot of people will pick the game back up I am sure it will not reduce the player base it will be exactly the opposite.


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I second the thought about to hell with the youtubers as most are clickbaiters anyway. The few that are true hunters and out to help the community will move on to bigger and better things. The rest can go belly up for all I care. Being that I'm on the receiving end of any reveal, I can't help but ask for and expect a tidbit of a something that would convince me you're on the level, but then the clickbaiters would make 32 videos out of it, so much for that. Double check your info to make sure you really found what you think or say you did then a good video documenting it like they said above. This would be too big to hold on to, if you were in our shoes, what would want the finder of the secrets to do and do that for the most part.

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We have a thread for this stuff, please use that.




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