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Merchandise Special: " The Hidden Packages " GTA IV


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The Hidden Packages

Giveaway Campaign - GTA IV



As the tradition requires and as we have been used to expect, Rockstar Games always finds an

appropriate way to celebrate and promote their - our - game releases by giving away ' cool stuff ',

usually closely tied to the general theme of the franchise or the game that's about to be released.


One of the coolest promotional events that took place in several occasions in moths near to

the Grand Theft Auto IV release on consoles back in April 29th of 2008 was a perfect opportunity

for the Rockstar Games to, well, ' promote ' the game itself, but more importantly to bring joy and

put smile on the faces of Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts, collectors and players.


Prominent Grand Theft Auto sites, just like their prominent and respected members, deservedly

received numerous early Christmas gift packages for their engagement in serving the community,

with gift boxes named wittily, but unmistakably to the point - " The Hidden Package " boxes.


The Hidden Package boxes, ironically, found their way to the owners this time around, unlike the

in-game scenarios. Known number of The Hidden Packages goes up to #7, each carrying different

promotional item, swag or other numerous goodies.



Hidden Packages: #1, 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6, 7.




[email protected] Internet Cafe Mouse Pad
-Liberty City Lapel Pin "I Love LC"
-Wanted Posters: Niko, L.Jacob, E. Torres
-GTA IV Screenshot CD/DVD
Version 1
-Liberty City Swingers Baseball Shirt
Version 2
- GTA IV N1KO License PLate
HP#3 (Sometimes referred as HP#4)
-Screenshots 2X CD/DVD
-Chihuahua Hotdogs T-Shirt
-GTA IV Pisswasser Beer Glass
*Could be that Pisswasser was missing in some packages*
HP#4 (Sometimes referred as HP#3)
- GTA IV "Shocker" Foam Finger
-Liberty City Police Department T-shirt
-10 GTA IV stickers:
-Grand Theft Auto IV logo
-LC Police Department
-Burger Shot
[email protected] Internet Cafe
-Niko standing putting on a glove
-Lola sucking on a lollipop
-Mikhail on a mobile holding a gun
-Man with Sniper rifle
-GTA IV Black T-Shirt
-2X GTA IV Stickers; small and big one.
- GTA IV "Shocker" Foam Finger
- GTA IV Pool Stick & GTA IV Hand Grenade
*It is quite possible and it seems adequate, that screenshots were sent on CD/DVD's.
*It's unknown why there are different versions of the same hidden package, eg; #2.
In our best intention to give credit where credit is due, we'll mention known Grand Theft Auto sites
and web places that received some, or all of the hidden packages throughout the campaign, but
please, forgive us if you find yourselves unmentioned, gathering info like this could not only take
a while, but as well can be like putting a puzzle back together, searching through the web piece
by piece in a span of almost 10 years.
... and of course, our very own: https://www.gtanet.com/
Images coming soon!
Edited by ChengizVlad09
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