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why are players so fkn stupid in heists?


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whenever i play missions or survivals with other players, they seem very good and helpful.

but come heists, players act like idiots. either messing up, or not using their common sense in covering for fire, spending ages picking their stupid costume at the start, or running other players over at the waiting spot. its frustrating.


i want to do the 'loyalty' challenge but its surely next to impossible

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Because you are gaming with randoms.... not the cleverest thing to do ;)


Seriously though, there are threads on here for meeting players to heist with, crews that grind heists. The good players are out there, you need to find them.


For an actual answer to the question though, I would guess it is because Heists are linear and may involve more than one goal and therefore offer more opportunity to cock it up.


Survivals are simple, kill the bad guys. Contact missions do not get ruined by the death of a fellow player so it is less memorable when they die. The rest is just a point of view born out of your frustration.


Good luck :)

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Because of thug life.
Life isn't a sugar, yo.

Fookin' laser sights.

Edited by Sanches
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unfortunately we're not always good at on job or another in gta online, so there's always a 50 / 50 chance of finding a random who is good at what ever job your trying to do

but you might have wanted to use the bitch & moan thread.

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Because heists is a fairly old thing that the most experienced players don't play anymore or avoid playing with randoms.


Also, it's easier to fail any heist than it is to fail a mission(there are more parameters of failure, like a player dying or leaving the game).

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Somewhere in the world; lives a bored 10-year-old. This 10-year-old doesn't care about money, he doesn't care about care about PvP or anything else.


He only cares about pissing people off by intentionally doing foolish things during heists. Which is a watered down method of trolling on GTA. (Only an example by the way, age may very)

Edited by Excrescent
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Relying on randoms/loyalty challenge... Sorry dude, doomed from the off.


As JuniorChubb and Pedinhuh said, many have simply moved on from these with all the options out there. Players still do and love heists, but so many have found their teams/crews for when the need arises to run some cash. And, again as said, the chance of team railure from just one of the players can easily be the cause of a long session too.


Of course, many don't listen to the game, let alone take any advice. Many can't think on the spot and learn these things too, usually kids and ego-driven teens, but there are crews and players everywhere that heist man. Try posting in the 'find friends and players' thread and set out what you need, any help you can offer too would be a plus, and see where it goes.


Also, try to add those that do help and prove useful, drop them a message too and just say your looking to build a small team for something bigger, like the loyalty challenge. IMO, something you should work towards but not focus too much on just yet. Get them done, weed out the crap players and soon, hopefully, you'll be running Pac's like a pro.


The jobs are in general quite easy, player error, communication, ego and pride... All the things that kill a session dead. But with survivals and missions, because all but one can die, it makes them just so damn easy. Chuck in freemode, where we can just back and forth to our hearts content making big cash, there's just no real need t hit heists randomly these days.


Not something I like, I'll be fair. I think the heists DLC was simply the best GTA:O ever got. No DLC since has come close.

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Something like this belongs in the B&M thread. Also, try gaming with friends.


Topic closed.

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