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How to make controls less squirley?


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I have 2 installs of GTA V: One on my PC with PS3 controller. One on Xbox One X.


I can drive/control pretty darn good on my PC with PS3 controller.

On the Xbox I'm ALL OVER the place when trying to drive. (note: I always play in 3rd person)


Can anyone suggest driving settings for controls that will make it more responsive? I've tried various combinations of different settings but nothing works. I'm all over the roads and sidewalks....


This game could be amazing if they'd tighten up the driving controls (for me at least)

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I have a funny feeling its a matter of getting used to it. I play all my PC games with an old 360 controller with a wireless dongle. When I upgraded and purchased a massive home theater system in my living room, I snagged a PS4 Pro and XBox One S, mostly for the 4K content. Best Buy had a really good sale on a PS4 controller a couple of months back, so I picked up a second PS4 controller, the one that was created for use with both the PC and the PS4. It comes with a charger and a USB PC dongle.


I was all excited to play with it and stop using my 10 year old 360 controller lol, even though I always loved the PS/PS2/PS3 controller more than the various XBox controllers. But, lo and behold, I can't do ANYTHING with the PS4 controller in my games. I am just not used to it for any of my sandbox games, so I am guessing that I would have the same experience as you if I used a dongle for one of my Xbox One controllers on the PC.


I have a feeling that its just a matter of getting used to the next gen controllers, because they feel a helluva lot different than their previous counterparts. I know that I was playing a couple of Halo games on the XBox One S, and it was hard to play with the new controller. Same for any games on my PS4. My suggestion is the same one I am giving myself. Suck it up and get used to the new controllers and see if that helps.

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