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K20CarMeets - Car Meets & More


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About Us


K20CarMeets is a crew established in 2017 by KazzaTwo. For our car meets, we host a range of themed meets, however we prefer clean cars with sensible customization.


We are predominantly a PC car meet crew with multiple hosters on every platform who host car meets several times a week.



Why join K20?


As well as car meets, we also have a community Discord server with 1000+ members with text and voice channels which is the home of our crew, K20CarMeets.

We have lots of active text & voice channels where you can interact and meet new people and obviously join our car meets.


Some of our meets are recorded and uploaded to YouTube.


Some of our best videos:










How to join:

1) Request to join: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/k20carmeets

2) Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/kazzatwo

3) Reply to this topic in the following format:

Socialclub ID:

Discord ID:

Platform (e.g. PC):




Mention an @Admin or @Moderator in the #car-meets text channel in our Discord server and kindly ask to be accepted in to the crew by providing your socialclub ID.


4) Type ?pc, ?xbox and/or ?ps4 into the “#bot-commands” chat for what platform you will be attending meets on.


How will I be accepted?

Once you have done the four steps above, moderators and admins from K20 will go through the applications and accept people to the crew. Make sure you are part of our Discord server to access the car meet services (text and voice channels).


How do I join car meets?

Once you have been accepted to the crew and joined our Discord server, the #meet-announcements text channel is where all of our car meets are announced by our hosters. You must have been accepted to the crew before you can join a meet as our car meets are hosted in crew sessions. Our Discord server is the home of the crew and almost everything takes place within the server.



Lobby Rules:
  1. Listen to the host of the meet at all times, if unsure check crew hierarchy.
  2. Keep your car clean at all times, if you crash please repair or call it back in.
  3. Do not enter passive mode unless instructed to, you should not need it if you drive correctly.
  4. When we are drag racing, there will be two designated lines and a flagger. Please, do not create any more than 2 lines or push to the front of the queue. If you are racing a car that is an unfair race, please pull out of the line and go to the back of the queue.
  5. DO NOT CRASH. Drive as slow as you can when cruising and entering parking locations, leave space between cars. During cruises, you must drive realistically. No crashing, no overtaking, tailgating other players or ‘brake checking’ people behind you. Follow the host and drive in single file, do not attempt to push to the front of the queue, if there is no space, go to the back of the queue.
  6. Please bring cars that fit the theme of the meet with tasteful modifications. (No chrome, neons etc.) If your car does not fit the theme, you will be asked to change it however all styles of cars are allowed to the meet as long as it fits with the current theme decided by the host.
  7. NO KILLING, if you are killed by somebody and you believe it to not be an accident, please tell one of the leaders. If you ‘revenge kill’ and it starts a war between both players, both of you might be kicked.
  8. NO COPS. If you have the cops, please immediately ‘kill yourself’ from the interaction menu as soon as possible. If you do not do this and the cop cars cause damage to player’s cars, you will be warned or kicked.
  9. If you want to stance or lower your car, please do so away from the meet and other players.
  10. NO AIRCRAFT allowed at the meet. We ask you if you could please keep aircraft away from the car meet area and try not to use them at all during the lobby.


Edited by ikazzah
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Thanks to all of you who came tonight for the Street Racing Meet! Hope to see you all soon! - Aston



Edited by gp007aston
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Hosting a Euro vs JDM Car Meet tonight.

Meet is being recorded for YouTube. We will not tolerate any bad behaviour and our rules will be strictly enforced.

Theme: Euro vs JDM
Platform: PC
Time: 6PM GMT (
Host: KazzaTwo

Edited by ikazzah
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Nice to see loads of you again at the Doomsday Heist DLC car meet! A few pictures from it! - Aston


Edited by gp007aston
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Social Club ID : _danny47

Discord ID : Dannz47

Platform : PC

P.S. do i need to include a pic of my car in GTA? as others before me did that.

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  • 3 months later...

Socialclub ID: alexmeads01

Discord ID: alexmeads01#8924

Platform (e.g. PC): Social Club PC

Edited by Xandersaur
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 months later...

Socialclub ID: DragonKnight2018

Discord ID: Marty#3999

Platform: PC

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  • 3 weeks later...

Discord ID: Ritvik#3198

Social Club ID: Ritvik157

Platform: PC (Steam)

Picture of one of my cars: 




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  • 2 weeks later...

SC : Beso-Ahlawy

Disc : Beso_Ahlawy

Platform : PC

Edited by Beso-Ahlawy
more words
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Social Club: HollowSeven

Discord: Hollow

Platform: PC


Edited by HollowSeven
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K20 are new recruiting as we are becoming a lot more active!


Feel free to post your application if you're interested in the crew.



- Kazza

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Interested in joining the group! Im 26 from Canada, level 128

SC: Panther211


Discord: Panther#3207


plat: PC


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This sounds fun :D


Soc Club ID : PajeroJonas

Discord : PajeroJonas

Platform : PC

Edited by PajeroJonas
didnt remember a username
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