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Vehicle handling discovery

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So this was done with the ford mustang fastback vehicle mod, messing around in the golf course, suddenly fell into the water, after the cars engine died, I telleported back onto land and used the trainer to fix it, and just messed around a bit, but a few thing was wrong, the car did not leave any skid marks when sliding around but not just that, the handling was so much better.

before felling into the water if I were to drive onto the sidewalk with great speed, it would feel like the car was jumping onto the sidewalk, but after felling into the water it felt so smooth, like gta iv.

I guess felling into the water disabled a lot more than the engine and fixing it with the trainer left some variables still disabled, especially the ability to climb back into the car.

If someone could make a mod to do the same with the handling, it would be a genuine gta iv handling mod(have not tried this with others vehicles)

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Have tried this with diffirent gta v vehicles, and the handling is so much better, personally I hate gta v's handling because it feels so stiff, but with this trick it feels so much smoother, I used to play gta iv just to drive around to enjoy the handling, another thing of this trick is that it sounds like your driving in shallow water and the fps view doesn't work in the vehicle

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Interesting trick. Might have to try it and see what difference it makes.

I know that the jumping onto sidewalk thing and can reduced by adding 020000 to <srtHandlingFlags> in the handling.meta. For some reason that 2 seems to make the suspension less snappy and more smooth when going over sudden bumps. I found this out when messing with the Youga Classic handling.

Edited by Yinepi

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