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Last Request

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I was thinking about this mission, i dont think Salvatore really thought Maria was with Claude as if you look at Marias history and have played LCS you will know she tried to get with Toni, well she made out to some guy she was seeing,that she was with Toni and he hit her, so Toni killed him , anyway i think Salvatore just didnt want Claude around anymore, he did what was needed and he didnt want someone like Claude as a made man in a Mafia family, so he thought i will get rid of him on the pretence im pissed at him for being with Maria.

I know its been discussed before but do you think Claude shoots Maria ? he comes across as cold and uncaring but im not sure how he feels towards women i guess Catalinas treatment of him may have made him think women are they same as men and to be disposed of when they are used up.


Any thoughts anyone ?

Edited by ViceBoy69

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Claude only seems cold and uncaring because he never speaks and effectively does whatever job is given to him, no matter how dark or evil it may be.

He's a man trying to make his way in a city that's circling the drain, and running rampant with crime and corruption.


As for the Maria part, I think he shot her. His last girlfriend betrayed him and left him for dead. He probably doesn't want any personal attachments to anybody, as the mafia (or any group for that matter) can use them for leverage if they need to.

Plus Maria is annoying.


And yeah, I don't think the mafia would want to have a guy like Claude around. Just like Tommy Vercetti, it's bad for business to have a guy that draws a lot of heat to the family.

In the dark and shady underworld of organized crime, it's bad to have a spotlight on it and it allows everybody (especially cops and feds) to see how they do thing.

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There are literally zero reasons to back up your theory, it's made clear in the narrative that Salvatore wanted Claude dead because he thought Claude & Maria were shagging behind his back.

Edited by HeteroDahmer

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Rebel Yell

I believe that Salvatore thinking that Maria and Claude doing it in secret can be a reason for him giving Claude a "green light" because he's a seriously paranoid wreck. Anyway, this seems to be just a minor reason if so. The real reason is actually clearly stated in the game: Salvatore wants to eliminate Claude in terms of a deal he cuts with the Colombian Cartel. The reason why Salvatore wants to align himself with the Cartel is unknown, but my guess is that he wants to have his way-in to the lucrative SPANK market.

, Salvatore isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Edited by Rebel Yell

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HeteroDahmer and you obviously havent played LCS

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Evil empire

Rockstar probably thought the player would find it immersion-breaking to see Claude keeping doing missions on his own despite being a high-ranking Mafia member especially the Leone don't have any turf in Staunton which would explain why Last request exists.


As for Maria Rockstar probably planned to create a sequel for GTA 3 without being sure if Maria would appear inside which would explain her ambiguous fate at the end and the fact the company never gave any clear explanation about this mysterious final shot.

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