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[GTA VCS Beach Ball]


Recommended Posts

Release date:

Most likely around the release of GTA: VCS on PSP back in 2006.

Origin Info:

Not much is known about the GTA:VCS Beach Ball, other than what can be guessed. As usual, Launch Parties,

Specific Giveaways or similar events as well as Rockstar Games warehouse comes to mind as standard places of


Status and Availability:

No specific numbers of released units is unknown, but given the fact you won't find this one anywhere or you just

might stumble upon one after significant amount of time spent searching and after some dedicated collector decided to

take part from his collection, points out to the limited number of these in circulation, even though we can't find explicit

and official statement saying these were sold as such - limited.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Beach Ball

Rating: Extremely Rare

Price: Unknown


*There is yet another beach ball tied to GTA: VCS featuring similarly themed artwork, that possibly shares the same

origin and status as this one. Not only that, but it is possible that GTA: Vice City has its own - original - beach ball, since

there is the 10th anniversary one still being in stock at Rockstar Games Warehouse for 22 EUR.

*For those who can't find the real life GTA VC(S) set of balls, you can find Beach Ball laying in an empty pool on Starfish Island in

Vice City - GTA Vice City - and have some fun kicking it around and even earn a trophy for doing so; Keepie-Uppy Okie Dokie Trophy.


Photo Credits: Mosavon

Owners: 1 ( Mosavon )





Edited by ChengizVlad09
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