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CUTTHROAT CORPS (PS4 - 1st 100 members granted representative status)


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We are a crew of cutthroats, loyal, ready to kill adversaries, skilled gamers looking for other players to recruit to the crew, we got a decent amount of gamers from all over earth, you'll find an active member online at all times.

A few months old this crew is still young, we hope you join us ps4 users.

What sets us apart from other groups is we are straight killers doing what we need to do to get by with a military mindset. The hardest, coldest crew in Los Santos, no time for softies, we have a group chat that members will be added to. Cash is the motivation and we always help eachother. The idea is to have a lobby of cutthroats doing business and murking outsiders. You want to join us if you enjoy killing and making mula. I can offer new recruits representative status and my personal help, I'm an active player. Or if you just want to ride and go on a killing spree together that's cool too. The goal is to be stupid rich and our ambition is to be the deadliest crew with military level strength. We're trying to be big like an army. A cunning corporation of cutthroats.


Leader: Ninja_Nicoya


Commissioner: Snaremaster


1st Lieutenant: Osoarrogsntins3


2nd Lieutenant: Available




SC: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/cutthroat_corps


Platform: PS4


To reach representative status you must keep our tag and have at least 700k score. To achieve 2nd lieutenant the requirement is at least 1.4 mil score and keep our tag.


If you got any questions ask.

Edited by Ninja_Nicoya
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