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IV:Network continuation

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Hey guys, first things first, let me introduce myself. I'm Neproify, amateur programmer and from a few months amateur reverse engineer.

What it is?

Maybe some of you heard about IV:Network - the MTA:SA like multiplayer from 2013 year. It was using EFLC, and was abandoned in early 2014. I took it's code and made some changes. What changed? The most important thing is probably stability - I fixed most of physics related crashes. I finished the client side scripts and made some more not so important things. Improved sync a little.


With IV:Network you can script your own resources(just like in MTA:SA or SA:MP). You can use both Lua or Squirrel. There are scripts on both server and client side, so there is possiblity to create simple guis.


What about limits? There is 32 players limit(can be bigger with some days of work), and rest of things are just like in original GTA IV, because streamer isn't finished yet.

Some links:


There are also builds from build server:

BTW, here is one year old video from it:

Edited by Neproify

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B Dawg

I'm guessing no traffic, cops or peds just like IVMP?

I don't know, instead of everyone just making empty multiplayer clients with nothing to do on them, should just go instead and create game modes for CitizenIV, as it has the best framework of all the clients (actually has traffic, cops and peds like Singleplayer/default Multiplayer. You can even use Simple Native Trainer with it, possibly even LCPDFR).

Edited by B Dawg

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Guys, is it true that in multiplayer for GTA IV you can use 32 slots and not more?

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