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Spoilers upgrades


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Ok I have a question that may already been addressed if so my bad. Anyway I know that R* messed with all the vehicle physics with the smugglers run release making spoilers more important then they had been. Now I have quite a few cars without spoilers and one's I didn't want to put spoilers on. The main question is does the type spoiler upgrade make a difference? Example a gt wing will move the traction stat bar the same as the race wing and such. So does the gt have the same effect as the race since they change the same amount or does the best spoiler mean best performance?

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Any non-stock spoiler will make a difference, no matter what the size. A tiny lip spoiler will do the same job as a giant GT wing. Not sure what the current state of affairs is with the downforce cars though...

Edited by whywontyoulisten
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Downforce cars also need spoilers again since SR.


Any spoiler adds traction like said above. Some people seem to report that different spoilers or other body parts change the balance but so far, to me the difference is insignificant on 95% of the cars.


A different spoiler on a car coming stock with a spoiler will add traction too. For example putting the second option on the kuruma which Basically is the same wing in secondary also adds traction. AFAIK the only exceptions to this atm are the Infernus Classic & Turismo Classic which come when bought with an optional wing.

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Ok that's what I was wondering if just a spoiler upgrade from stock will have the same effect no matter which one you add. There's a few cars I like with no spoilers and some of them the gigantic wing kills the look for me.

Edited by Robbie498
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Spoilers makes the cars looks f*cking ugly. I'm glad Itali GTB got some normal spoiler and the Vagner got small lip spoiler.

I mainly use Vagner, Itali GTB and Nero for Stunt Races. Tyrus has been nerfed to death and it's a beautiful car!

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