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slimeball supreme

SK Weekly Magazine

Recommended Posts


It looks like she is saying best idea ever.

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Once a Jolly Swagman

There was some pretty disturbing information in this report. I already knew that ARTHUR. has been killing hookers for years and I'm ok with that but willingly associating with Hunter is another thing. That's f*cked up man, what kind of sicko does that? I hope he gets the help he needs.

Edited by Once a Jolly Swagman

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slimeball supreme


He's watching


Thanks everybody for the support over the past few months, really. When I write these things within two or three hours in the morning, the reaction I get genuinely makes the whole exercise worth it. Thank you for supporting our dumb f*cking meme magazine, which has an exclusive layout for this issue... possibly.






My ass hurts


The results are in; the long awaited ending to the Awards has come.

We got some of what we wanted. Red Triangle, thankfully, won the Best Writing award (though most people who voted for it likely haven't read it, thanks btw). SK won best crew, so that's gonna be ignored by staff. Unfortunately we were passed up for both best newsletter (which went to a magazine we cannot name for legal reasons) and Most Improved (our campaign didnt work for Arrow, sadly); but we came out it with new perspectives, and I personally came out of it with a homicidal rage can cannot be sated


I'm going to scream

I've had enough. Honest to god I'm f*cking through. I've had to drop my attorney, Maurice Rosendorff, thanks to his incessant rambling and failure to achieve in court (he said i killed paul and am wearing his face or some bullsh*t the other day, im starting to think the pingas is getting to him) and I was denied a loan at the bank for my f*cking Bible Camp. I'm f*cking fuming



We just want to take a moment to say goodbye to our favorite member; AfricaDesigner. He was a recent addition to the crew, and a good one at that, but after a suspension for insulting staff member Voodoo, he gave us an official goodbye. He left the Discord, he left the Forums, and we never see him again. We'll miss you, madafaka.



there was a funny possum outside my window just now. i didnt get a picture but it was pretty cute lol




this is the screens section. i couldnt get any gtao car screens since i lost my house, so i asked my son parker to send me an image of a car. i then applied filters to it. all of these car screenshots look the same anyway

Parker McKay-Kastrati


Parker McKay-Kastrati


Parker McKay-Kastrati


Parker McKay-Kastrati


Parker McKay-Kastrati


Parker McKay-Kastrati


Parker McKay-Kastrati


Parker McKay-Kastrati




i cant believe its not music

The hit new Machinima by Mike Phillips, Niko Payne: The Fallen Angels is a creative new adaption of the trademark Niko Payne series. With the titular character being voiced by Mike himself, the short film follows a similar story to the original series - with the death of Niko Payne's wife being the instigator for city-wide carnage.

So far, reception has been positive, even with likes and dislikes being turned off in case someone does indeed dislike it. YouTube user 'Unforgiven Killer' has lauded the video as a 'nice vid', while user Morris Galley said the film 'was amazing!'. Even if he did add an awful reverb to my voice acting, it's a quality film and a great addition to the series.

cranckin my hog
Gloria the Hippo
After last issue, I had an epiphany. Today's interview, as shown above, was intended to be one with GTAForums user and Helisexuality campaigner Happy Hunter; where we dispel rumors about the Laos murder (as recent evidence as arisen showing he has not affiliated with ARTHUR at all, among other things) and get to understand both his position and his cause; a noble one indeed.

Unfortunately, he never got back to me and ignored me, Android style. But I think I'm okay with that, that guy is f*cking weird anyway. So then, I asked consultant and good friend MarkyEvansy for help; the idea arising to interview new school, underground rapper who had featured on the music section. This man would've been Lil Biscuit. We almost had everything lined up, but due to microphone problems and Lil Biscuit's own presence on the Big Nigga Slice Gang Tour going around the Midwest, we were forced to postpone until another week. So, I hope that comes soon, if it ever does.


So I took things into my owns hands and interviewed a person on the street.

Hi ma'am, would you like an interview?
Get away from me you f*cking creep.

What's the history/context behind your username?
What are you talking about?! My username? My name is Paula.
What would you like to change the most regarding GTAF?
Excuse me? What?
What's the objective best color?
I'm not afraid to spray you, get away from me you f*cking weirdo.
Wrong. It's re-
(I got a face full of pepper spray as a result. She left the interview while I was writhing on the sidewalk.)

4y90cW8.png - Slimeball Supreme, Head Editor & Writer
OoFyvtR.png8No5396.pngR43ojcW.png2swdast.png - Stoney0503/Pastries/MarkyEvansy/Dognuts, Consultants


And a happy new year. If you want us to keep this new layout up for future issues, vote here

Edited by slimeball supreme

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I like the new theme/style!! :D

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I got the meat sweats.

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slimeball supreme
Posted (edited)


rt hasnt had a chapter in a month ):


Happy New Year!


We're going to be switching to this layout now for future issues, thanks to it's more sleek and stylish design and fresh, Goon-chic vibe. It's only been three or so days into the new year, and we've already had our own series of casualties and changes at SK HQ.







Copycats Round 2

As you may know, we changed the OP for the SK crew (link here) to a more interesting and OG design, sort of matching our switch to this new layout for the magazine as well as hearkening back to our roots as a street gang-themed crew. Unfortunately, someone else did the same.


Not even a week or two after our theme change, the plagiarist Facade crew switched from their lame 'social club' theme back to their aesthetically mediocre corporation theme, with a few 'new' twists. Just like us. What a bunch of crooks. Unfortunately, Mr. Maurice Rosendorff won't be available to use for future case for certain reasons, and our new addition to the legal team @Coin has been busy pursuing a harassment suit against an unnamed burping fetishist. So for now; we cannot look into another case.


$outh $ide Blues

I recently got invited into the $outh $ide Hoods, which is pretty cool. Thanks guys for the invite itself and giving me the opportunity to shine! Now add SK to the safehouse


What the f*ck

We hope to have a bigger tribute to our lost/found souls from the GTAF Discord at the bottom of the post, but we want to take a moment to kinda look into what the f*ck has been going on

  • So M0rk gets f*cking banned for, like, calling Diana fat or something lmao
  • Diana gets banned or something on the forums
  • Africa gets banned on the forums, and then unbanned after asking for his account back
  • M0rk gets re-added to the Discord
  • Diana gets unbanned, given a new account and 'promises to improve behaviour'
  • AD gets temp-banned on the forums and then permabanned on Discord
  • AD dies, Diana will be moderator within a year



oooo good stuf!f



















interesting happenings in the mod scene

Aight lads. Today we'd have a double mod special but since I managed to miss the last issue and almost get fired, we'll be making a triple mod special. For today we have: a GTA V mod, a GTA IV mod and a San Andreas mod. Diversity sure is beautiful, isn't it?

Starting off with our classic: White CJ by alex99-81.

"Just f*ck my sh*t up, fam."


Author's comments: "White Charles Johnson for those who are tired of black. Bugs and missions. You can change clothes, hairstyles, no problem with thick, thin and nakačennym."

There really isn't much to say other than what the author has already stated. A masterfully crafted white CJ for those who are tired of black. No problem with nakačennym or anything. Beautiful.




Next up: Russian voice (Enhanced) for GTA San Andreas.

As seen from the vid, it's a breathtakingly well made mod with attention to detail rivaled by no other. All the characters sound just as they should and there are no discrepancies in any of the replaced voice work. Райдер ниггер!




For our last mod: Vlad GTA IV 1.0



Author's comments: "Vlad GTA IV llega para que niko lo vuelva a matar???"

Truly. Honestly one of the best conversions there is imo. Who needs a Niko Bellic mod when you have my man Vlad Glebov? A true hunk. Unlike balkan sh*t yokel Niko. Download. Now.

also we have a secret fourth mod in the music section so be sure to check that out thanks love preciate <3



from what used to be my wifes's spotify account

While not exactly music, this video for the VC Deluxe Mod showcases a variety of classic songs and hot beats; accompanying one of the best mod packs Vice City has ever seen. With updated cars, updated visuals, updated textures, and a whole lot more 'under the bonnet', VC Deluxe Mod is by far the only way you can truly experience Vice City.

mmm smells like objectification
Dead Island Riptide Zombie-Bait Statuette

Today, I met up with acquaintance and legitimate businessman Darnell Taylor for reasons of business, pleasure, and information. If you want to be of his acquaintance, dial EDIT: number deleted as darnell had a problem with featuring it

Oh, hey, bro. You ain't looking so hot.

Nah. Some bitch sprayed me a while back, down in the city.
sh*t. (laughs) You alright?
Yeah, I'm fine. It's cool. What you got in stock, though?
Right to it, then. A'ight. I got some new sh*t, from, uh... Brazil. You heard of Taurus?
Yeah: I got this PT145 recently. The Millennium series or something, .32 callibre, 3 dot sight, locked breech. Sound about right for you?
It's a pistol, right?
Yeah. Like I said, .32 cal, it's lightweight; it'll fit in your coat or something.
Excellent. Could I have a little look?
Oh yeah. (Darnell goes into a room behind the kitchen, and after around half a minute comes out with the gun.) Here, dude.
Yeah, thanks. (Grabs gun.) This is polymer, right?
Uh huh.
So what's with the top bit?
The slide and the barrel and all is, uh... steel I think. It's blue.
Yeah, I noticed. Any previous owners?
Nope. Or well, none here. Guy I got it from was from South America someplace, probably passed around or whatever; but it's in great condition. I'd say, for that, price is justified at 400.
$400 for this?
Yeah. It's clean, essentially untraceable. You gonna take it or what?
...Yeah. Sure. I don't have much left, is all.
Oh. I mean... sh*t, how 'bout $370? I can bring it down slightly, if you're low on funds.
Really? Thanks, man.
Hey, it's on me. It's cool.
all aboard the bandwagon

Africa motherf*cking Designer.


What a guy. He was a good kid; he had spunk, moxie, balls, DYOM power, nuddles. He was a legend, and unfortunately, he was taken from us too early. Though he joined in 2016, he was mostly active in the site's DYOM subforum - a hub for narrative mod creation on GTAF and one of the site's most popular sections among 3rd world teenagers.


And then the awards season started. Nobody was ready. The Spanish Kings, always on the cutting edge of forum membership, reached out to him personally to join up (a request he accepted) followed up by his inclusion in the GTAF Official Discord and the Spanish Kings personal Discord.


His already well known forum profile expanded from there. Whether that was feuding with weirdos, being kicked and banned on an almost hourly basis, absolutely murdering anyone who went against him, eating nuddles, or calling his sister a MILF - the whole wide world was open to him. Until a day ago.


AfricaDesigner was tempbanned for the last time. Already having several suspensions and even a full on forum ban under his belt, AD has ceased all communications and has left the SK discord, though it remains to be seen if this will be permanent. We've asked for a final word with the Forums, which will be added post-humorously when he replies to my PM, but for now this eulogy remains.







A god amongst mortals.

4y90cW8.png - Slimeball Supreme, Head Editor & Writer
8No5396.png - Pastries, Get .Fopped
R43ojcW.pngEeINkB1.png - M0rk/Milo, Consultant
Edited by slimeball supreme

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a moment of silence for my homie akram

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Suing for plagiarism. But rip a nigga afrika.

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slimeball supreme

Suing for plagiarism.

wait what do you mean. we came up with the idea for the new layout by ourselves

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when you open up the latest issue of SK Weekly to brighten up your day only to find out Africa been murdered


hope heaven got plenty of nuddles & chicken homie



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rip my mans africa, the govt is korrupt

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may you float among the fatasses and noodles my friend




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There will be nuddles in heaven, my friend. RIP


A literary triumph.

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Once a Jolly Swagman
Posted (edited)

I bless the nuddles brought by Africa,

He DYOM's to make CJ do the things he never had.





Gone too soon

Edited by Once a Jolly Swagman

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Nuddle King

What you talking about?am not dead!gangstar dont die.

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slimeball supreme


oh my goid oh my god oh my god


Really sorry but this is gonna be a short issue!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:( Well try fix it next week!!!! :*(:*(:*(


I'm actually in a pretty sh*t mood rtight now. I have absolutely not had a good few wweeks. First off, ive said it befiore, but im gonna say it again: im on my ass. Officially bankrupt. Been kcicked out of my house (couldent pay mortgage), defaulted on two f*cking loans (say goodbye to my f*cking biuble camp) and it turns out my f*cking lawyer slept wiyth my wife. my f*cking wife


ive been living in a f*cking vacant lot for the past few weeks, its been f*cking hell. i dont think i can cvontinue the magazine at this rate and im this close to exploding. i feel like im gonna lose my sh*t


to compound all of this, ive been f*ckign sued. me!!!!! i get an email from my f*cking accoutnant while im at the internet caffe and aparently ive been sent papers about copyright or some bullsh*t from 'customs curisers and classics'/. ive never even f*cking heard of these losers and im being sourced papers for infringement . are you f*ckin g kidding me??? my lawyer somehow gets me to pay alimony paymenbts (even though theyt arent even a legal thing in australia that f*cking motherf*cking awful lawyer) and now i have to go to corut for this bullsh*t. apparently the magazine is ran by thius f*cker arthur - a goddamn prostitute murderer as described in previous issues and now this... now f*cking this. hes out to get me i know it. i f*cking know it. l;ast issue had no likes so maube sharon got to him. maybe sharon got to the forums maybe thats why nobody ius liking the f*cking magazine anymore. tmaybe sharon invented this stupoud f*cking magazine this fucing CCC bullsh*t im on my wits end ikm on my f*cking wits end im on my f*cking wsits end. im not getting pupped even tho i sent a f*cking pm to kristy (in havent checked but shes probably f*cking read it) so i dont even f*cking know anymore. hey maybe if you like the f*cking magazine so much how about you give us f*cking safehkuse access or has sharon got to you f*ckkers too is that whgat this bullshoit is??? im gonna f*cking kill her. with the word of the lord in my f*cking name with THE HELL AT THE DOOR I WILL STIKE FEAR AND MERCEY IN TO THE HEARTS OF MY ENEMIES THEY WILL f*ckING RIUE THE GODDAMN DAY THEY f*ckING CROSSED ME THEY WILL f*ckING FEAR ME LIKE THEY FEAR THE RATH OF A f*ckING DEVIL LIKE THEY FEAR THE RATH OF SATAN HIMSELF THIS IS WHAT YOU f*ckING ASKED FOR THIS IS WHAT YOU f*ckING RECIEVE THIS IS WHAT YOU GET YIOU f*ckS I SWEAR TO GOD I HAVFE WORKED MY ENTIRE f*ckING LIFE FOR THE PAST 35 YEARS OF MY f*ckING EXISTENCE AND IM REPAID LIKE THIS BY LIVING LIKE A f*ckING DOG IN THE f*ckING STREET LIKE A f*ckING DOG IN THE f*ckING STREET I WILL KILL I WILL KILLK I WEILLL KILL I WILL KILLL I WILLL KIKLLLL I WILLL KIOLL WI WILL KILMWI IWLL KILLL I f*ckIJNG AHTE YOU I f*ckING AHTE YOU SHAERON SHARON SHAORN PLEASE PLEASEPLEASE PLEASEPLEASE PLEASEPLEASE PLEASEPLEASE PLEASEPLEASE PLEASEPLEASE PLEASEPLEASE PLEASEPLEASE PLEASEPLEASE PLEASEPLEASE PLEASE









Bisexual Tattoo Goddess













from what used to be my wifes's spotify account

Even if it's not a full release, Brooklyn producer/rapper DJ M0rl continues to 'rock' the rap scene with his latest release, otherwise the instrumentals for the hit EP 'The Murder of Savage Mike'. With samples ranging all over the place; from nursery rhymes to country music, this hot mix is sure to get the party bumping!

4y90cW8.png - Slimeball Supreme, Head Editor & Writer
R43ojcW.png8No5396.png - M0rk/Pastries - they did stuff as well
Edited by slimeball supreme

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get well soon :)

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I've lost feeling in my toe.

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